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Best Biology Text Books for A/L students

GCE A/L Advanced Level Biology syllabus covers a broad set of sciences that study living organisms: Chemical and Cellular basis of life, Biodiversity and classification, Plant and Animal form and function, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Environmental Biology and Microbiology.

Biology textbooks are available for some areas of these topics. Apart from textbooks, some mcq, structured and essay question answer books and past paper books are also available.

Download syllabus and Resource Guides from NIE website for free

Popular Best Selling Biology Books in Sri Lanka.

2021 biology vivarana Prof Hiran Amarasekera front cover
AL Science for technology Biology Weerathunga
AL Biology Genetics Nissanka de Silva
Biology MCQ 1985-2018
Environmental Biology – Prof Hiran Amarasekera
Biology unit1 2 Chemical and cellular basis
Biology Unit 3 4 QA (1)
Biology Unit 6 7 Genetics (1)
Biology unit 8 environmental biology questions
  • 2021 A/L Biology Vivarana – MCQ, Structured, Essay Questions and Analysis – Prof Hiran Amarasekera
  • A/L Biology Grade 12 MCQ 360+ Answers and Analysis -1 Jeewa Vidyawa Bahuwarana Vivarana – Prof Hiran Amarasekera
  • Biology – Classified A/L Past Papers – Pesuru
  • A/L Biology Unit 1 And 2 Exam Papers and Answers-Compiled by Western Province Biology Teachers Association
  • A/L Biology Provincial Papers and Past Papers with MCQ Analysis 2020 – Jeeva Vidyawa Palath Prasha ha pilituru- Knowledge Bank
  • Weerathunga P Thilakarathna Vayawaharika Jiwa vidyawa , Shigra Punarikshana – ව්‍යවහාරික ජීව විද්‍යාව, ශීඝ්‍ර පුනරීක්ෂණ
  • Weerathunga P Thilakarathna and Nissanka de Silva – Genetics Praweniya – ප්‍රවේණිය
  • Functioning Animal Book 1 and 2 by Prof Ashoka Pathirathna and Prof. M.J.S. Wijerathna – available from Godage Publishers
  • Books by Prof H G Nandadasa – Genetics, Plant Form and Function, Chemical and Cellular Basis of Life – You can buy these books from Sarasavi Bookshops
  • Environmental Biology by Prof Hiran Amarasekera
  • Biology Books by Weerathunga P Thilakarathna – You can buy these books from Sarasavi Bookshops
  • Biology Revision Books by R M D Rajapaksha
  • Classified MCQ, Structured essay and essay Classified Past paper questions and answer books published by Pesuru Publishers

Recommended English books for A/L Biology




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