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New Year Aurudu Nakath 2019 Auspicious Times Around the World | Student Sri Lanka Education

New Year Aurudu Nakath 2019 Auspicious Times Around the World

Update 8 August 2020: New Year Auspicious Times Aurudu Nakath 2020

Sri Lankans across the country prepare to celebrate in the Sinhala – Tamil New Year (Sinhala and Hindu New Year) in 2019 April.

In this post we bring you

  • the auspicious times as per Sri Lankan time,
  • current local time in Sri Lanka,
  • nakath times around the world (nakath in your time zone)  for Sri Lankans living abroad: Middle East, India, Australia, USA, Italy, UK etc),
  • and time left to important nakath times on 14 April 2019.

14 Sawasa 2.09 Awurudu Udava
Punyakalaya Ude 7.45 sita Re 8.33
Ahara Piseema Sawasa 2.42
Wada Alliema, Anubawaya Sawasa 3.54

Current local time in
Sri Lanka

PUNYA KALAYA or Nonagathaya (Inauspicious time)

Punya Kalaya begins on Sunday the 14th of April at 7.45 am and ends on Sunday the 14th of April at 8.33 pm.

Nonagathaya is an ‘interim period’ where, people spend their time without engaging in any serious activity. They consider this ‘Transition time’ is so inauspicious that no work should begin during that time. It is also called “punya kalaya” as people follow up religious customs such as going to temple during this time.

After the transition time is over it is the renewal; the beginning of a new cycle.


Preparing meals for the New Year should begin at 2.42 pm (14:42 IST) on Sunday, 14 April 2019, dressed in red and yellow looking forwards the East.

Event Times Around the World

Count down time to Nakath to Prepare Meals for new year


The tradition of trading and consuming the first meal of the New Year is to be done at 3.54 pm on Sunday the 14th of April, dressed in red and yellow (copper color) looking forwards the East.

Auspicious Times (nakath seetutwa) 1

Auspicious Times (nakath seetutwa) 2 in English

Auspicious Times (nakath seetutwa) 3




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