Download Sinhala and Tamil New Year Auspicious Times Aurudu Nakath Litha 2023

Astrologically, Sinhala and Tamil New Year Aluth Avurudda symbolize the transition of the Sun from Pisces to Aries.

Key New Year Auspicious Times (Aurudu Nakath) 2023

There are key Auspicious Times (natkath) for the new year:


According to Epa Litha these times fall on 14th April 2023.

Official Nakath Seettuwa – 2023 New Year List of Aupisoucios Times

Following the ancient customs and traditions, the ‘Nekath Seettuwa”, the timetable of auspicious times for this year’s Sinhala and Tamil New Year was presented to President Ranil Wickramasinghe today (4th April).

New Year 2023 Nakath Seettuwa Official Auspicious Times

Download Epa Litha 2023 which contains Aurudu Nakath Litha 2023

Epa Litha 2023 with new year nakath

Download New Year Litha 2023 by Daiki Axis

අලුත් අවුරුදු ලිත 2023

Sinhala and Tamil New Year 2023 Auspicious Times

Sighting of the new moon
For the new lunar year, the new moon will be seen on Sunday, April 23.

Bathing for the Old Year:

Bathing for old year falls on 12th of April. One must bathe with Naanu mixed with juice extracted from the Neem (Kohomba) leaves.

Dawn of the 2023 New Year

The Sinhala and Tamil New Year dawns on Friday 14th of April at 02.59 am.

Auspicious Time (Punya Kaalaya) Punya Kalaya or auspicious time

from Friday 14th of April is from 8.35 am to 9.23 pm on that day

Preparing traditional meals:

The auspicious time to prepare meals begins on Friday 14th April at 3.29 am, dressed in colorful attire and facing the South, a kind of sweetmeat mixed with milk and sesame and a kind of sweetmeat mixed with milk be prepared.

Starting of work, transactions and having meals:

Starting work, transactions and consuming meals should begin 05:05 pm on Friday 14th April, dressed in colorful costumes, looking towards the south direction.

Anointing the head with oil –

Sunday 16th April at 09.41 am dressed in red and yellow mixed colors (copper colored), Face the south direction and place imbul leaves on the head and banyan leaves on the feet and bathe with oil mixed with imbul leaf juice.

Leaving for occupations
On Sunday 17th of April at 06.28 am dressed in white clothes. Eat a curd mixed with milk and some kind of sweets and leave in the south direction.




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