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Open University BSc Degrees: 11 Essential Tips for 2024/2025

If you have three S passes at A/L then you can apply for the three-year B.Sc. degree program offered by the Open University of Sri Lanka. If you do not have A/L still you can follow this course after completing their Foundation certificate course.

We bring you eleven essential tips to consider when applying for this Open University B.Sc. (General/ Hons) degree.

1. Can you enter this BSc program with three A/L S passes?

  • Three GCE A/L passes in science or equivalent qualifications (Physics or Agriculture, Chemistry, and Biology or Combined Mathematics)
  • You can have these 3 Passes in more than one sitting. eg. if you have 2S passes in 2021 A/L and 1S pass for the other subject in 2022 A/L still you can apply for this degree program

2. Can you do this If you fail some A/L subjects or without A/L

  • Yes. You can do this degree by successfully completing of relevant Foundation courses in science/ Foundation Certificate in Science of the OUSL. If you do not have 3S passes, then if you pass the qualifying exam you can complete the foundation course in one year, and then follow the degree program.
  • After O/L you can do the foundation course for two years and then follow this degree

3. Is this a government degree or a private degree?

The Open University (OUSL) is a state university in Sri Lanka established under the Universities Act. It is regulated by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and operates under the Ministry of Higher Education like all other National universities. Therefore OU degrees hold the same value as degrees from conventional state universities.

4. Can You Finish OU Degrees in 3 Years?

The duration of the OUSL general degree is three years. OUSL offers courses at Levels 3, 4, and 5/6, equivalent to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years of a conventional B.Sc. degree. While it’s possible to complete the B.Sc. degree in 3 years, OUSL’s flexibility allows you to adjust your study pace. Some students take longer due to work commitments or personal circumstances.

5. What is the cost of the degree?

Course Fee for the BSc three-year degree program is approximately LKR 300,000/=. It can be paid in 6 installements (Two installements per year) [LKR. 2,740/= per credit]. The course-free structure enables you to pursue a degree in Science on your own time at an affordable cost.

4. Do you have to attend regular lectures?

As a distance-learning university, OUSL does not have traditional lectures. If you like you can come to physical lectures or join them online. Most of your study will take place through online materials and LMS website. Also printed books and pdf materials will be provided. You’ll engage with online tutorials, forums, and study materials.

5. Do you have to come to Colombo (Nawala) to attend Practicals?

You have to attend practicals, which are mainly conducted at the main University campus premises at OUSL, Nawala. However, OUSL’s distance learning format allows you to complete practical components locally or at designated centres (eg. Kandy, Batticaloa). Check the module descriptions on Practicals.

6. Can you follow OUSL degrees while doing a Job?

The open and distance learning concept followed by OUSL is to cater for you to get a degree while doing a job. Many OUSL students work while studying. The flexibility of distance learning allows you to manage your studies around your work schedule. If practicals are scheduled on weekdays, consider discussing alternatives with your tutor or planning ahead.

7. Can You Do a Four-Year Honors Special Degree at OUSL?

Yes! OUSL offers four-year Honours degree programmes in various science disciplines. These include degrees in Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology and Applied Mathematics.

8. Can You Pursue Postgraduate Studies with this Degree?

Yes! After completing Level 4 (third year), you can continue at OUSL, or any other state or private university/ institute. There are a lot of Sri Lankan PhD holders with OUSL first degrees.

9. Can You Go Abroad for Postgraduate Studies?

Definitely! If you choose to pursue postgraduate studies abroad, having an OUSL B.Sc. degree provides a solid foundation. Check specific requirements for the country and university you’re interested in. Like in conventional state universities Honours degree holders Open Univesity BSc (Hons) students with special degrees in Chemistry, Physics, Botany etc. will be able to find post-graduate programs in countries such as USA.

OUSL has also provided facilities to transfer to the University of Essex, UK for further studies. Level 5 completion opens doors to direct entry into MSc programmes at the University of Essex.

10. Do OUSL provide Financial Loans and Scholarships?

If you are facing financial difficulties and are considering studying at OUSL, be sure to check out these four scholarship options.

  • Enrolment Bursary – covers the registration fee and the first semester’s tuition fees.
  • University Bursary – awarded to students with exceptional academic merit who demonstrate financial need.
  • Mahapola Scholarships – funded by the government of Sri Lanka and are awarded to students from low-income families
  • Enrichment bursary

11. Do OUSL have extra-curricular activities and proper campus life?

OUSL is not only on distant learning! OUSL boasts a vibrant campus life with sports facilities, clubs, active subject societies such as Zoonet, trips, cultural events, and more. Immerse yourself in enriching activities, connect with like-minded peers, and experience university life beyond academics at OUSL.

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