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A/L 2023 (2024 Jan) MCQ Answers- Unofficial Marking schemes

The 2023 A/L examination is being held in January 2024. Unofficial MCQ answer schemes compiled by various tuition teachers are presented here for reference only. Please note that these are not the official marking schemes, so answers may be subject to change when official schemes are released.

Answers for the following subjects are available here or will be added once obtained. Please check back often for updates as official marking schemes are finalised.

  • Physics 
  • Biology 
  • Chemistry 
  • Combined Mathematics
  • SFT - Science for Technology
  • ET – Engineering Technology  
  • BST – BioSystems Technology
  • Agriculture  
  • Economics 
  • Agriculture Science
  • Sinhala
  • Logic
  • BC – Buddhist Civilization 
  • BS
  • Common General Test
  • Political Science

The official marking schemes are created by the professors who set the exam questions and a panel of senior teachers. As such, some answers here may change once the official schemes are released. Please use these unofficial references only to get a general idea of how you performed.

2023 A/L Biology MCQ answers

Biology Answers by Nilantha Ponnampaeruma (Biology Teacher – Galle, Colombo, Kalutara, Gampaha)

2023 A/L MCQ answers by other Biology teachers:

Download 2023 A/L Biology papers

2023 A/L Chemistry MCQ Answers

Chemistry Answers by U B Arawanda

2023 Chemistry MCQ answers U B Arawinda

Download the Chemistry A/L 2023 MCQ paper (Telegram group link)

2023 A/L Combined Mathematics Download Papers

2023 A/L Physics MCQ Answers

2023 Physics MCQ answers Yasiru Amaraweera

2023 Physics Answers by other teachers

2023 A/L Common General Test MCQ Answers

2023 A/L Economics MCQ Answers by Short LK YouTube channel

2023 A/L SFT – Science for Technology MCQ Answers

SFT AL 2023 Answers – Thushara Abeywickrama

2023 A/L Agriculture Science MCQ answers

2023 Agriculture MCQ answers by learn With ඩිලාන් YouTube Channel

2023 ET Engineering Technology Answers

2023 AL ET Eng Technology – Harshana Irugalbandara YoutTube Channel

2023 A/L Biosystems Technology Answers

2023 BST MCQ answers – K M S Bandara

2023 A/L Sinhala Answers

සිංහල 2023(2024) බහුවරණ පිළිතුරු | sinhala mcq answers 2023(2024) – learn With ඩිලාන් YouTube Channel

2023 A/L Logic MCQ Answers

2023 AL Logic MCQ Answers – Sameera Edirisinghe

2023 A/L Political Science MCQ Answers – Ranga Rathnayaka


A/L 2023 BC – Buddhist Civilization MCQ Answers

බෞද්ධ ශිෂ්ටාචාරය 2023(2024) බහුවරණ ප්‍රශ්න පත්‍රය පිළිතුරු|BC mcq answer 2023/2024 – skitrol YouTube Channel

Why is it not a good idea to check answers in the middle of the A/L 2023 examination?

While having access to these unofficial answer keys during the exam may seem helpful, please refrain from checking them until after you have completed all your papers. Referencing these unofficial resources during the actual exam can negatively impact your performance on future papers.




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