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O/L 2023 (2024 May) MCQ Answers- Unofficial Marking schemes

The 2023 (2024) O/L examination is being held in May 2024. Unofficial MCQ answer schemes compiled by various tuition teachers are presented here for reference only. Please note that these are not the official marking schemes, so answers may be subject to change when official schemes are released.

Answers for the following subjects are available here.

  • Sinhala – OK
  • Tamil – OK
  • History – OK
  • Science – OK
  • ICT – OK
  • Buddhism –OK
  • Mathematics – OK
  • Commerce – N/A
  • Western Music – N/A
  • Business Studies – N/A
  • Health – N/A
  • Drama – N/A
  • Business and Accounting – N/A

N/A = Not Available yet. We are currently working on acquiring marking schemes for these subjects. Please revisit our website, and once we obtain them, we will promptly make them available for you

O/L 2024 (2023) Science MCQ Answers by Sudesh Malawiarachchi

A/: 2026 Biology Classes

Premium Biology පංතියට ඇතුල් වීමට

O/L 2023 (2024) ICT MCQ Answers

O/L 2023 (2024) Buddhism MCQ Answers

O/L 2023 (2024) Mathematics paper discussion

O/L 2023 (2024) History MCQ answers

O/L 2023 (2024) Sinhala Marking scheme by Dinithi Saubhagya

O/L 2024 Tamil Answers by Ajith Nafil




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