Low-cost IT Computing software degree courses in Sri Lanka

After receiving your GCE A/L results, you might consider a career in IT. If you have a good Z-score then you can enter free high-quality IT, Computer Science, and Software Engineering courses/degrees offered by state universities.

But if your Z-score is low then you have to apply for IT degrees offered by Private Universities. In this post, we list some of the low-cost degrees available in Sri Lanka.

Low-cost IT degrees in Sri Lanka 2023 https://web.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=7135780039789326&set=a.313023938731671

1. Bachelor of Information Technology (UCSC)

This program is offered by the prestigious UCSC of the University of Colombo. You can do this course even if you do not have 3 passes in the A/L exam. For that you need to do FIT (Foundation course). However, remember you have to go to private classes to study and you need to spend money on those tuition fees.

– Intake deadline: 13th September 2023

– University Fee: 92,850

– Course duration: 3 years

– Entry requirements:

3 passes in A/L


FIT (Foundation course)

For more details:



A few popular private classes:




2. BIT (UOM)

This program is offered by the University of Moratuwa. Similar to UCSC BIT you have to study by attending private classes, so keep in mind the cost of those tuition fees.

– Intake deadline: 22nd September 2023

– University Fee: 200,000

– Course duration: 3 years

– Entry requirements: You can enter this course in two ways either by Regular entry with A/L 3 passes or by Lateral entry. Regular: 3 passes in A/L and credit pass for Mathematics in O/L


Any alternative Senate-approved course

Lateral: SLIATE HNDIT and six months of training.

For more details:





3. Open University

You can follow this course by Open University in Nawala or their branches in islandwide. This is a distance learning program.

Entry requirements vary with the specialization (Specializations: Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems) you are going to follow. Please check the link below for more details.

– Intake deadline: 22nd September 2023

– University Fee: ~ 518,000 (Per credit fee: 3990, to graduate a student must pass 130 credits)

– Course duration: 4 years

– Entry requirements:

3 passes in A/L


Advanced Certificate Program offered by the OUSL

For more details:



4. Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) scholarship

I think they have already taken students for 2024 scholarship program, however please check the link below or call the University for the latest details.

– Intake deadline: Unfortunately January 2024 applications are already closed.

– University Fee: 100% scholarship

– Course duration: 5 years

– Entry requirements:

3 passes in A/L + selection programme

For more details:



5. SLIIT/IFS scholarship

This scholarship program is somewhat different, this is offered by SLIIT in collaboration with the software company IFS. You have to follow the degree while working part time at IFS, hence you get work experience also.

This is performance-based scholarship: students with highest marks at SLIIT aptitude test are selected for this program. However, you need to apply again in your 2nd and 3rd years, where they will select you based on your GPA after an interview.

In addition, SLIIT also offered few other scholarship programs outstanding performances (Accadamic or Sports), please check the links for more details.

For more details:



6. BCS (British Computer Society)

This is a world recognized professional qualification offered by British Computer Society which is regarded equivalent to a BIT or computing degree. Like BIT you have to goto private classes to cover the syllabus. However as this a global degree there are loads of online resources which you do self-study.

This is bit difficult, but if you have a good discipline you can to up to BCS Professional Graduate Diploma in IT.

– Intake deadline: N/A

– Course duration: Usually takes 2-3 hours depending on your effort and capacity.

– Examination Fee: ~US $ 365

– Entry requirements for exams: BCS member

– Special note: BCS is going to discontinue this higher education qualification in 2026. Hence you need to finish exams before 2026. Hoever they will introduce a new degree by that time. For more detilails check following links. .

For more information:






6. Bachelor of Technology in Software Technology (University of Vocational Technology)

This course will be advertised by UNIVOTEC soon. If you have followed ICT subject for A/L, then you will have an added advantage in selecting this course.

If you follow this course this is offered free. However, you need to pay around Rs 26000 as admission fees and library fees.

You can also do this degree part-time while doing a job, then the cost will be around Rs 130,000.

UNIVOTEC/ UoVT also offers other programs such as B.Tech in software, Network & Multimedia

– Intake deadline: Haven’t called yet

– Course duration: 3 years.

– University Fee: ~26,000 (Full-time weekdays) | 130,000 (Part-time weekend)

– Entry requirements for exams:

3 passes in A/L in Engineering Technology (with ICT as a subject) or Physical Science stream


Technological Specialization for NVQ 5/6 qualifications

For more information:





8. Government student loan

You can follow IT or any degree at a private university with a government student loan scheme.

Eligibility Criteria: 3 passes in A/L



One final piece of advice on IT degrees

Please do not pursue an IT degree just for the sake of it. If you are passionate about it, then go ahead. With AI tools like ChatGPT, the future of jobs in the software sector is becoming uncertain

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