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Use the power of AI with ChatGPT: A Guide for Students | Student Sri Lanka Education
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Use the power of AI with ChatGPT: A Guide for Students

Natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) developments in recent years have completely changed how humans engage with technology. The cutting-edge language model ChatGPT created by OpenAI is one of the best instances of this.

It is apparent that 2023 is becoming a year of AI. Several AI tools, apps, and websites have been released this year. Out of these Chat GPT is one of the best and most talked about AI tool.

ChatGPT can provide correct answers to your questions quickly. It can understand and respond to a wide range of demands, from straightforward information requests to multistep activities that are difficult.

In this article, we’ll examine ChatGPT in more detail, describe its operation, and provide you with step-by-step instructions for using it.

How to Use ChatGPT

Goto ChatGPT website and create an account.

Then, enter your query or request in the chat box to begin using ChatGPT. The AI will examine your input within a few seconds and produce an answer.

The adaptability of ChatGPT is one of its main advantages. ChatGPT is always available to help you, whether you’re looking for details on a certain subject, require assistance with a task, or simply want to chat.

You can ask ChatGPT the following kinds of questions:

  • “What is the capital of Sri Lanka?”
  • “What are the most popular tourist attractions in Sri Lanka?”
  • “How do I cook Sri Lankan dhal curry?”
  • “Write an essay on DNA replication”
  • “What are the admission requirements for open university courses in Sri Lanka?”
  • “What are the career options after completing a degree in Computer Science?”
  • “How do I prepare for the GCE Advanced Level examination in Sri Lanka?”
  • “What are the most popular scholarship opportunities for Sri Lankan students?”
  • “What are the top universities in Sri Lanka for studying Engineering?”
  • “What extra-curricular activities can I join to enhance my resume?”
  • “What are the benefits of studying abroad regarding education and career opportunities?”

How can ChatGPT help students?

There are several ways that ChatGPT can help students with their studies:

  • You can use this for your research – to find information on any topic.
  • You can use ChatGPT to seek assistance with their homework, particularly if they are stuck on a challenging issue or require clarification on a particular idea.
  • Test Preparation: ChatGPT can give students practice questions, assist them in studying for tests by clarifying complex ideas, and provide other resources.
  • Learning English – ChatGPT can assist you to learn the English language by answering their inquiries and allowing them to practice it in various contexts.
  • Career Guidance: You explore career options and get advice on how to pursue your desired career path, such as information on specific industries, job requirements, courses to follow or skills needed.

How ChatGPT Functions

To assess and comprehend the user’s inquiries and produce a response based
on its training data, ChatGPT uses machine learning techniques. Large volumes
of text from numerous sources, including books, websites, and conversation
logs, make up this training data.

ChatGPT can identify patterns and connections between words, phrases, and
concepts by studying this data. This enables it to comprehend the context of a
user’s query and produce a suitable response.

What do Sri Lankans search on ChatGPT? 

  • Education: Questions related to higher education, A/L, O/L exams, scholarships, and career advice.

  • Health: Questions related to health and wellness, such as symptoms of diseases, treatments, and mental health issues.

  • Travel: Questions related to Sri Lanka’s tourist attractions, travel guides, and visa requirements.

  • Technology: Questions related to the latest technology, mobile phones, software, and gadgets.

  • Language: Questions related to learning English or improving language skills.

  • Entertainment: Questions related to movies, music, TV shows, and celebrity news.

  • Culture: Questions related to Sri Lankan traditions, customs, and festivals.

Education-related questions you can ask from ChatGPT 

  • Admissions: Questions related to the admissions process for universities and institutes, including information on application deadlines, required documents, and entry requirements.
  • Scholarships: Questions related to scholarships, including eligibility requirements, application deadlines, and tips for writing a successful scholarship application.
  • Test preparation: Questions related to test preparation for exams such as the O/L, A/L, SAT, GRE, and TOEFL. Students may ask for advice on how to prepare for the exams, what study materials to use, and what types of questions to expect.
  • Coursework: Questions related to coursework, such as how to approach a particular subject, how to write essays or research papers, and how to improve grades.
  • Career advice: Questions related to career choices (Jobs after A/L, After O/L, including information on different professions, required qualifications, and salary expectations.

Use of ChatGPT by Sri Lankan Universities and Schools 

ChatGPT & Promotion Of Artificial Intelligence In Sri Lanka? – Colombo Telegraph article 

Seminar on “Use of ChatGPT for Journal Paper Preparation: Hope or Hype? Things You Should Demystify for Better Delivery” by Prof. Mahesh Jayaweera – Seminar organized by University of Sri Jayewardnepura 
When will AI come for Sri Lanka? – FT article 

This Lanka Guardian post says a Sinhala version of ChatGPT could also help re-engineer the public education system in Sri Lanka. 



ChatGPT can answer any question with speed and accuracy
thanks to its sophisticated NLP capabilities and round-the-clock accessibility.

In this article, we wish to introduce you to ChatGPT and
demonstrate its simplicity. Consider giving it a try if you haven’t already so
you can see the power of AI.




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