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New Undergraduate Degree programs for UGC University registration for 2021 A/L – 2021-2022 Academic year

New Degree programs for 2021-2022 Academic year

You can now apply for admission to undergraduate courses of the Universities in Sri Lanka for the Academic year 2021/2022 based on the 2021 GCE A/L Examination

New Courses introduced by Universities for 2021- 2022 Academic year

New Faculty of Computing at University of Sri Jayewardenepura

The Faculty of Computing conducts three unique Honours Degree Programs (Four Year) as listed below at SLQF level 6. For Programs with UNI-CODEs 012C and 099C applications are entertained from G.C.E.(A/L) Maths Stream while for IS program with UNI-CODE 096C, applications are entertained from G.C.E.(A/L) Subject Streams for Information Systems degrees as per UGC Admission Handbook.

on UGC Admission HandBook (2021/2022) (UGC)
Degree ProgramAcronymSLLQF Level
012CBachelor of Computing Honours in Computer ScienceBComp Hons in CompSc6
099CBachelor of Computing Honours in Software EngineeringBComp Hons in SoftEng6
096CBachelor of Computing Honours in Information SystemsBComp Hons in InfSys6




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