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Micro-credentials – Online courses to improve your knowledge and skills- Coursera EdX etc.

Micro-credentials -Globally accepted online courses to improve your knowledge and skills

Many students follow courses while studying to improve their chance of Employability or to learn/ improve a skill.


Covid-19 has changed how we learn and teach (+ve and -ve impacts)

  • • Switched scheduled courses online/ online exams
  • • Digital events/ webinars like this
  • • Reduction of parent income/ additional cost of devices/ data
  • • Health issues/ Covid infection/ hospitalization/ death of family members
  • • Less international students for universities in the developed world (Changegovernment policies to attract students e.g. Sinopharm in Australia )

ADB study on Sri Lankan online learning - findings based on a survey among state and non state HEIs

  • 90% of students had access online education. This rate is comparable to developed countries like Japan
  • Poor internet connections disrupted online education
  • HEIs need to revisit curriculums, pedagogy, online

What is a micro-credential? EU, 2020 definition

“A micro-credential is a recognized proof of the learning outcomes that a learner has achieved following a short learning experience, according to transparent standards and requirements and upon assessment.”

Micro-credentials differ from traditional degrees and certificates in that they are generally offered in shorter or more flexible timespans and tend to be more narrowly focused.

Key characteristics of micro-credentials:

  • Measure the demonstration of skill and knowledge, not time spent learning.
  • •Short and focused on a narrow range of skills and competencies. Break down learning into manageable chunks.
  • •Competency is assessed as a demonstrable skill or behavior.
  • •Quality is assured through peer and industry review.
  • •Industry recognized. Many micro-credentials are co-developed with industry based onthe skills and competencies they’re looking for.
  • Can be Personalized to meet individual learners’ needs.
  • •Modular and stackable. Some micro-credentials are “one off”, while others are modules that can be stacked to create a qualification.
  • •Shareable. The qualification is placed in a digital wallet or e-portfolio the learner can share with employers or education institutions.

Micro-credentials – Globally accepted online courses to improve your knowledge and skills

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) providers

  • FutureLearn
  • • Coursera - where micro-credentials are known as SpecializationsMasterTrack Certificates, Professional Certificates
  • • Udacity - micro-credentials are known as nanodegrees
  • • edX - micro-credentials are known as MicroMasters
  • • A comprehensive listing of MOOC-based micro-credentials is maintained by Class Central

Recent trends in Sri Lanka

  • Private HEIs, Government Loan schemes
  • Rise of YouTubers and Tik Tok - Entertainment, Gossip, Politics, Education, How to
  • Internet Money eBay
  • Online trading, Drop shipping
  • New education reforms Decrease the quality of and competitiveness in Education e.g.
  • Grade 5 scholarship)
  • People try to go abroad for education, jobs

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