Sri Gauthama Sambuddha teledrama on Derana TV

TV Derana now telecasts a television serial based on the life of the Lord Buddha: Sri Gauthama Sambuddha on every Saturday and Sunday at 8.30 pm.
This is the first time ever a Sri Lankan TV channel is telecasting a TV serial on the life of Lord Buddha. Sri Gauthama Sambuddha is the Sinhala dubbed version of Hindi tele-drama “Buddha Rajaon Ka Raja”. It is a historical TV serial which is produced by B K Modi on Doordarshan and Zee TV under the company Spice Global. It was first aired on 8th September, 2013 on Sunday at 11:00 AM on Zee TV as well as Doordarshan.

This historic tele-drama (Sri Gauthama Sambuddha) portrays the life of Prince Siddhartha from his birth, attaining enlightenment and beyond. It is played by Himanshu Soni as Buddha, Kajal Jain as Yasodharā Devi, Sameer Dharmadhikari as Śuddhodana and Kabir Bedi as Asita Muni.

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Derana TV official page

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Punchi Thiraya

Tharunaya Web

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