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Multimedia educational lessons for school children

SchoolNet web site of the Department of Education, Sri Lanka has published Interactive Multimedia Educational Materials related to few key subjects in the G.C.E O/L (Grade 10 and Grade 11) and G.C.E. A/L (Grade 12 and 13). The subjects covered are Mathematics (O/L), Science (O/L), English (O/L), Agriculture (A/L), Geography (O/L) and History (O/L).

You can watch videos and learn online using these multimedia lessons which are available in Sinhala, Tamil and English mediums. These are available at Multimedia secion of SchoolNet web site. (Update 2017 – this site is not available now).

Educational Games 

E-Library from e-thaksalawa

Video Lessons by Jathika Pasala

Open Access video lessons by University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Educational Software

A/L Lessons (Grade 12 and 13)
Agriculture Grade 12
Agriculture Grade 13
O/L Lessons (Grade 10 and 11):
Mathematics Grade 10
Mathematics Grade 11
A/L Tuition classes for students after O/L
Find O Level (O/L) Tuition Teachers, Classes, Educational Institutes in Sri Lanka
Subject Options for GCE A/L
Download School text books
Download GCE AL teacher guides – Teacher’s Instructional Manuals




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