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Review Technique- How to keep information in long term memory? | Student Sri Lanka Education
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Review Technique- How to keep information in long term memory?

Normally students can remember things they have learned immediately after they have learned them. But they will then forget more and more knowledge as time goes on. After a few months they may only be able to recall only a tiny percentage of what was
initially learned.

This article explains how to review material in a structured and effective way.

The first stage in reviewing information is to read and learn the material on the same day. This confirms the structure and detail of information in your mind. A good way of carrying out this review is to rewrite the information. You can do this effectively by putting the information learned into a Concept map or Short Note.

After this, reviewing information should be relatively easy and need not take long. Carry out reviews at the following times:

  • ·After one day
  • After one month
  • Before exam




University Senior Lecturer at University of Sri Jayewardenepra, Sri Lanka

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