GCE O/L 2011 Science Model Papers in Sinhala and English medium by K Ariyasinghe

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You can now download free model papers for GCE O/L (ordinary Level) by popular lecturers.

Science paper was prepared by Deshamanya Vidya Jothi Vidyabimanee Keerthidhara Gaurawa Mr K Ariyasinghe Sc Tr (1st Class) B.Sc. Ph.D. FRI (UK).

Mr Ariyasinghe is the most experienced O/L teacher in Sri Lanka.  Mr Ariyasinghe has been teaching O/L for more than 40 years, and has written many O/L science text books. He has been a popular writer for many Sri Lankan news papers, including Vidusara and Rivira. This year (2011) he has conduced four seminars, in Sinhala and English Medium.

K. Ariyasinghe is an experienced science teacher, writer and author. He is a fellow of the Royal Institution of Great Britain (FRI). He is also a full member of Association of British Science Writers (ABSW-UK), Australian Society of Authors (ASA) and
 Society of Writers News & Writing magazine – Scotland. He is the president of Science & Technology Promotion Foundation of
Sri Lanka. He has written about 100 books and nearly 3500 articles to papers and

These are the Model Papers presented at those seminars.

Science Sinhala Medium Papers

 Science I by Mr K Ariyasinghe PDF document
 Science IIA by Mr K Ariyasinghe PDF document
 Science IIB by Mr K Ariyasinghe PDF document

Science Sinhala Medium Answers
 Science I Answers by Mr K Ariyasinghe PDF document
 Science IIA Answers by Mr K Ariyasinghe PDF document
 Science IIB Answers by Mr K Ariyasinghe PDF document

English Medium Papers
 Science I English Medium by Mr K Ariyasinghe PDF 
 Science IIA English Medium by Mr K Ariyasinghe PDF 
 Science IIB English Medium by Mr K Ariyasinghe

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University Senior Lecturer at University of Sri Jayewardenepra, Sri Lanka


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    I want science and mathematics model paper before 8th desember

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    sir i want science sinhala medium paper

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    This page contains model papers.

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    @mifra – Science model papers are here. download them.

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