Mind maps for study, memory and to plan your activities

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Invented by Tony Buzan, Mind Map is a great technique which can be used for your education and planning short term or long term activities.

Mind Maps will help you to
Think clearly and creatively,
Remember lessons
Prepare short notes
Solve problems and make decisions
Plan activities
Manage and take control of your life

Using Mind Maps you can summarize larger pieces of information in a lesson (Unit) into a one page, where you will be able to see the whole- picture view of the subject area.

Follow the process below to prepare a Mind Map from your notes.
1. Read the section (Eg. Cellular Basis of Life) and understand the areas covered in the lesson.
2. Begin your Mind Map with a central image, representing the Subject area.
3. Draw major topics related to the subject.
4. Now add sub-topics to each area. There is no limit to the number of branches and sub branches that can radiate outwards. Use colours, symbols, or both.
5. Edit and re-order your Mind Map if necessary

Here we are including a Mind Map prepared for Chemical and Cellular Basis of Life lesson for Advanced Level Biology.
Mind Map
Larger Image

Mind Map for Things You can do After Advanced Level (A/L)
Mind Map - Things to do after a/l
Larger Image

This is a Child Map of the above Mind Map listing the Courses you can do after A/L.
Mind Map - course after a/l
Larger Image
Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Maps, speaks on What is a Mind Map and How to create a Mind Map in this video.

Things to do After A/L
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