Check A/L results when doenets exam site is down/ not working

Usually official website of the Department of Examinations will go offline (site down or not working) on the first day…

4 years ago

International Schools in Sri Lanka

In addition to government schools, there are International and Private schools in Sri Lanka. International Schools charge fees and they…

12 years ago

Gel Electrophoresis – Biology Videos from Sirasa A3 TV program

This video is from Sirasa A3 TV program, Sri Lanka, which was conducted for GCE A/L 2010 Biology Revision. Part…

13 years ago

Activites of Young Biologists, Sri Lanka

Activites of Young Biologists, Sri Lanka Originally uploaded by Hiran Amarasekera. Sinharaja field trip 2007 and other student activites

16 years ago

Welcome to Student Lanka

This is online community for Sri Lankan students.

16 years ago