Google Good to Know campaign: safety and privacy on internet

Google’s Good to Know campaign aims to help people stay safe on the Internet and manage the information they share…

11 years ago

Guide to Start Earning Online Internet Money

Read Updated Version of this Post here: For anyone who wishes to earn money without exhausting a lot of…

11 years ago

Power Searching with Google – free online course

Few months ago, Google entered the massive open online course (MOOC) space by introducing the free Power Searching with Google…

11 years ago

Tri-Lingual Online Dictionary in Sinhala,Tamil & English

Sri Lanka's First Tri-Lingual Dictionary - Sinhala, Tamil & English

11 years ago

Internet broadband data plans in Sri Lanka

Broadband is a form high-capacity transmission technique using a wide range of frequencies that allows higher data transfer rates. Broadband…

11 years ago

Preview samples of most wanted Sinhala Unicode fonts

Samples of most wanted Sinhala Unicode fonts are given here. You can use this preview to select a uniocde font…

12 years ago

Type Sinhala unicode fonts free with Google Transliteration

Now you can type sinhala fonts using Google Transliteration. Google Transliteration allows you to type phonetically using Roman characters. You…

12 years ago

Online degrees and Courses in Sri Lanka

Now you can obtain a degree or diploma without attending a university or an institute. These are called as online…

14 years ago

Bill Gates on Online Learning, innovation, health and food

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation website recently published Bill Gates 2010 Annual Letter.  He emphasizes on innovations in health, food,…

14 years ago

Great Biology web sites for students

Images, Animations, videos, audios Biology 130 Lab Illustrations - Biology Lab images Mic-UK [site A]: Microscopy UK / Micscape -…

15 years ago