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Top Universities in Sri Lanka 2023-2024

We’ve compiled a list of the top (best) universities in Sri Lanka for 2023-2024. You can explore their rankings based on three well-known World University Ranking Lists: Webometrics, QS Higher Education Ranking, and THE Higher Education World Ranking. Webometrics and THE ranking lists both state and private universities in Sri Lanka.

1. Webometrics World University Ranking (2023 July)


World RankUniversityImpact Rank*Openness Rank*Excellence Rank*
11487University of Colombo193311932033
21978University of Peradeniya439711852115
32043University of Sri Jayewardenepura338315882497
42534University of Ruhuna693520392204
52553University of Moratuwa582419902543
62973Rajarata University474228973483
73001University of Kelaniya561116183549
83666University of Jaffna772823643884
94249Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka1009929484229
104442Wayamba University of Sri Lanka1106132194349
114907Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology748081834274
125206Eastern University of Sri Lanka1224281833831
135617Open University of Sri Lanka649829716598
147285General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University877034147237
157604Uva Wellassa University951235377237
167761South Eastern University of Sri Lanka977636497237
178498Sri Lanka Technological Campus888459877237
1810011Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education1001271437237
1910753NSBM Green University1186168417237
2012215Informatics Institute of Technology Sri Lanka1256575267237
2112800National Institute of Education Sri Lanka1058181837237
2213114CINEC Campus1333976707237
2313378National Institute of Fundamental Studies Sri Lanka1828947927237
2414493Industrial Technology Institute1773964087237
2514633National Institute of Business Management1288681837237
2615224ESOFT Metro Campus1361281837237
2715582International Institute of Health Sciences1403881837237
2816475University of the Visual & Performing Arts1509981837237
2917050Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology Sri Lanka1577881837237
3017293Horizon Campus1608081837237
3117609Australian College of Business and Technology1643381837237
3217768SLIIT Academy1662881837237
3317841Ocean University of Sri Lanka1949375517237
3417938ANC Education1682281837237
3518151Saegis Campus1707781837237
3618560University of Vocational Technology Ratmalana1756681837237
3718777Arthur C Clarke Institute of Modern Technologies1780381837237
3819515Buddhist & Pali University of Sri Lanka1862481837237
3920482Sri Lanka Institute of Architects1976381837237
4020545Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration Colombo1983081837237
4120934Royal Institute of Colombo2026781837237
4220952American College of Higher Education2028781837237
4321148Sri Lanka Press Institute2050481837237
4421215IDM University2058581837237
4521462BMS Business Management School2085681837237
4622581Aquinas College of Higher Studies Colombo2211381837237
4722739Institute of Engineering Technology2230181837237
4822833Kaatsu International University Sri Lanka2239581837237
4922936National Institute of Social Development2251581837237
5023040Imperial Institute of Higher Education2263481837237
5123186Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka2277381837237
5223259IDM Nations Campus2285681837237
5323576Nawaloka College of Higher Studies2319481837237
5423647Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy SIBA2327981837237
5525628Northshore College2542181837237
5626725(1) Nagananda International Institute for Buddhist Studies2658781837237
5727440(3) Postgraduate Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences University of Peradeniya2732981837237
5829047IUHS Campus2899281837237
5929300IESL College of Engineering292508183
Webometrics 2023 July – Sri Lankan Universities

Webometrics Methodology

The Impact Rank, Openness Rank, and Excellence Rank are three of the four indicators used to calculate the Webometrics University Ranking.

  • Impact Rank: This indicator is based on the number of external links to the university’s website.
  • Openness Rank: This indicator is based on the number of scholarly articles published by the university’s faculty and staff that are indexed in Google Scholar.
  • Excellence Rank: This indicator is based on the number of highly cited scholarly articles published by the university’s faculty and staff. Data extracted from scimago, which uses Scopus data.
webometrics 2023 July methodology
2023-2024 ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ හොදම විශ්ව විද්‍යාල Top Sri Lankan universities- THE, QS, Webometrics ranking

2. QS Asia University Rankings 2023


Only three Sri Lankan universities, X, Y, and Z, are listed in the QS Asia 2023 ranking.

301-350University of Colombo
351-400University of Peradeniya
401-450University of Sri Jayawardenapura
QS Asia 2023 University Ranking of Sri Lankan Universities

QS Asia University Ranking Methodology

QS Asia ranking is based on five performance indicators:

  • teaching (the learning environment);
  • research (volume, income and reputation);
  • citations (research influence);
  • International outlook (staff, students and research); and
  • Industry income (knowledge transfer).

3. THE Times Higher Education Ranking 2024

Only 6 universities have been ranked in the THE World University Rankings 2024 released yesterday (27 September 2023). The University of Colombo and the University of Peradeniya got first place in Sri Lanka, while the University of Kelaniya and the University of Sri Jayewardenepura are placed in third place, and General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University and Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology are ranked in reporter status.

THE higher education ranking Sri Lanka 2024

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