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Best Private Universities in Sri Lanka - Webometrics world ranking 2023 | Student Sri Lanka Education
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Best Private Universities in Sri Lanka – Webometrics world ranking 2023

Best Private Universities in Sri Lanka 2023 based on webometrics ranking

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Top Universities in Sri Lanka 2023-2024

THE Higher Education Ranking 2024 – four state and two private universities are listed

According to the Webometrics World University ranking of 2023 January these are the best Private Universities (Non-State higher education Institutes) in Sri Lanka. This post gives only the private universites that offer fee-levying courses; you can check the full list of top universities in Sri Lanka here.

Top Universities in Sri Lanka 2022-2023 (Public and Private Universities, the full list)

What are Private Universities?

As per our previous post, there are four types of Degree Awarding Higher Education Institutes in Sri Lanka:

  1. Public National Universities
  2. Private Institutes which offer Sri Lankan degrees recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC)
  3. Private Institutes which offer Foreign Degrees in affiliation with Foreign Universities
  4. Professional Institutes which offer Degree Equivalent Professional Qualifications

The following list includes all universities except Public National Universities (1) in Sri Lanka. However Private universities under the 3 and 4 categories may be included in the world ranking of the respective degree-holding foreign university.

What is webometrics ranking?

Webometrics Ranking of World Universities is an initiative of the Cybermetrics Lab, a research group belonging to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). The ranking is based on several criteria, which are as follows:

  1. Presence: The number of web pages of the university indexed by search engines.
  2. Impact: The visibility of the university’s web pages outside its own web domain, measured by the number of external links to the institution’s web pages.
  3. Openness: The number of files published in the institutional repository.
  4. Excellence: The number of papers among the top 10% most cited in 26 disciplines.
  5. Scholar: The number of papers in the top 10% most cited in 26 disciplines.

Best (Top) Ranked Private Universities in Webometrics 2023 January list

Sri Lanka
World RankUniversityImpact Rank*Openness Rank*Excellence Rank*
136657SLIIT – Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology729865536365
147267General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University KDU906031427212
2113253Informatics Institute of Technology Sri Lanka – IIT1139865537212
2213348Sri Lanka Technological Campus 1610255597212
2313516NSBM Green University1175165537212
2414608CINEC Campus1309665537212
2514841ESOFT Metro Campus1340265537212
2615384National Institute of Business Management NIBM1403365537212
2815680Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education1615063617212
2916325SLIIT Academy1515165537212
3016804Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology Sri Lanka1570465537212
3117309Horizon Campus1630865537212
3217389ANC Education1640465537212
3317866ACBT Australian College of Business and Technology1694465537212
3819759Sri Lanka Institute of Architects1910565537212
3920233Royal Institute of Colombo1964165537212
4020581American College of Higher Education2002165537212
4220670IDM University2011865537212
4320853BMS Business Management School2033265537212
4421409Sri Lanka Press Institute2096365537212
4521581Aquinas College of Higher Studies Colombo2116565537212
4621680Institute of Engineering Technology2126765537212
4721989IDM Nations Campus2160865537212
4822404Imperial Institute of Higher Education2206165537212
4922855KIU Kaatsu International University Sri Lanka2255465537212
5022910Nawaloka College of Higher Studies2261665537212
5123507National Institute of Social Development2325465537212
5324503Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy SIBA2430965537212
5424671Saegis Campus2448565537212
5525484Northshore College2534065537212
5627182(1) Nagananda International Institute for Buddhist Studies2710265537212
5829228IESL College of Engineering2919365537212
5929228IUHS Campus2919365537212

By Prof Hiran Amarasekera

To stay updated with Prof. Amarasekera’s insights and educational resources, you can connect with him on Facebook at, YouTube Channel at StudentLankaTube, or join his Telegram group at




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