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Open University Foundation Course – Get a degree after O/L without A/L

උසස් පෙළ නැතුව විවෘත විශ්ව විද්‍යාල උපාධියක් කරන්න

If you have at least 6 S passes at GCE O/L Examination with Science and Mathematics, then you can follow Foundation courses offered by the Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL). If you can successfully pass this two-year Foundation Course, you can enroll in Science Engineering Degree Programmes offered by OUSL and become an Engineer or Science degree holder.

I failed A/L. Can I get a degree?

Yes, even If you failed the A/L examination, you can still obtain an Open University degree by following this Foundation course offered by OUSL.

What is this Foundation Course? (Advanced Certificate in Science)

The “Credit Certificates for Foundation Courses in Science” offered by the OUSL provides an opportunity for anyone who wishes to obtain a degree in Science or Engineering. Passes in Credit Certificates for Foundation Courses in Science are accepted in place of G.C.E. Advanced Level passes are required for admission to the relevant Degree Programmes of The Open University of Sri Lanka.

Entry requirements for Credit Certificates for Foundation Courses in Science

1. At least six (6) passes at G.C.E (O/L) examination including Mathematics and Science, or any other higher qualification acceptable to the Senate.

2. Over 18 years of age

Medium of Instruction

All three national languages (Sinhala, Tamil and English)

Course Duration

2 Years (Level1 – one year and Level 2 -one year)

For details visit

Advanced Certificate in Science is offered jointly by the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering Technology, through the Foundation Academic Unit of the University, Contact Head, Foundation Academic Unit for further details.

Address :The Open University of Sri Lanka, Nawala, Nugegoda.
Contact :2 853 777 Ext. 664

Download Guide Book (pdf)

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