A/L 2021 and Scholarship Exam dates? 7 February

A/L 2021 exam date?

Update 2 Nov 2021 - Ministry of Education has announced new examination dates for the exams that were scheduled for 2021, but were postponed to 2022.

Grade 5 Scholarship Examination: 22 January 2022

Advanced Level Examination: 7th February to 5th March

Ordinary Level Examination: 23rd May to 1st June

The 2021 Advanced Level and Grade Five Scholarship Examination will be postponed and new dates will be announced shortly, State Minister of Education Reforms, Open Universities, and Distance Learning Promotion Susil Premajayantha said yesterday (9 October).

He told parliament that a new schedule for the two examinations would be announced following a discussion between the Education Ministry and the Examinations Department.

When is the new exam date?

Responding to a question raised by Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa, the Minister said the two exams will most probably be postponed till early next year.

Why do examinations are postponed?

He told Parliament on Thursday (7) that the examinations were scheduled for November, however, the authorities did not expect the schools to remain closed for a long period due to COVID-19, therefore, the examinations have to be re-scheduled.

School reopening date?

He also said that schools will re-open in four phases, subject to adherence to health guidelines.

A/L and Scholarship examination dates




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