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A/L 2021 Exam postponed to next year

2021 A/L exam date?

Update 7 Oct 2021:

"2021 A/L and Grade 5 Examination will be postponed," said Hon Susil Premajyantha, State Minister of Education today at the Parliament. He further said that the new date will be decided after a meeting with the Secretary to the Minister of Education and Commissioner General of Examination, however, new dates for both these examinations will be the early months of next year (2022).

"Do you conduct the 2021 A/L examination in November as planned?" Chathura Alwis asked in Ada Derana Big Focus program yesterday (27 September). "It's yes or no answer", Prof Kapila Perera, Secretary Ministry of Higher Education replied.

He said that they are taking measurements to reopen the schools first and then conduct term tests before conducting the examination.

Earlier Ministry of Education announced that A/L examination will be held from 15th November 2021.

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