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Island best 10 students with 200 marks at Grade 5 scholarship exam 2020

students who scored 200/200 marks at scholarship exam 2020

Ten students came scored highest marks following the results of the Grade Five scholarship examination 2020, the Examinations’ Department said. The Grade 5 Scholarship Examination  2020 was held on October 11 and the results were released on November 15.

Examination Commissioner General B. Sanath Pujitha told that ten students had obtained full marks out of 200. He said a policy decision was taken not to release Island ranks, District ranks or best student for all the examinations including Advanced Level (A/L), Ordinary Level (O/L) and Grade Five scholarship examination in future.

The decision was taken following a discussion recently held with the Education psychologists, the Commissioner said. However, the Education Ministry yesterday issued the list of students who obtained the highest marks.

The top ten students are as follows:

  • M.F. mohommad Amar -Zahira College, maradana
  • A.H. Sihath Sandinu - Dharmapala Vidyalaya Pannipitiya
  • Devuli Yasasmi Thilekerathne –Sri Sumanajothi Primary College - Ingiriya
  • M.D.H Sasmitha Gunatiileke – Bandaragama Central College, Kalutara.
  • S.D. Siyathi Vithumsa – Sanghamitta Balika Vidyalaya, Galle
  • W.a.thasindu Avishan –Tangalle Boys’school, Kadurupotha
  • P.K. Dovindu Chiranjth –President College, Embilipitiya
  • H.M Senudi Damsara – Eheliyagoda Primary College
  • H.m.thenuja Manumitha Bandara –Siripura Primary College, Polonnaruwa
  • Yehara Yethmini Eapa –Girls’ High School,kandy




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