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Guide to use non programmable calculators at A/L Examination

2020 A/L students can use Calculators for Exam

Candidates who will be sitting for the GCE Advanced Level examinations will be permitted to use basic calculators for specific subjects, the Examinations department announced recently (2020, May)

Calculators can be used for following four subjects only:

Commerce stream

  • Accounting

Technology stream

  • Engineering Technology
  • Bio Systems Technology, and
  • Science for Technology

However use of calculators are not allowed for other subjects (Science, Arts or other subjects in commerce stream).

However they hope to introduce this facility for the candidates of other state exams in future, and calculators were permitted during the Sri Lanka Accountants’ Service exam, for the first time in March 2020.

What type of Calculators are allowed?

“Scientific calculators won’t be allowed. We will only permit non programmable calculators,” Mr. Sanath Pujitha, the commissioner general of the examinations department told the Media.

Therefore, students should use general non-programmable calculators. However Department of Examinations have not stated the models of calculators that students should use.

What are non Programmable calculators?

The main difference between a programmable and non-programmable calculator is there is no function button on the non-programmable calculator. Another difference that can be noticed on non-programmable calculators have no matrix or vector functions.

Students and Teachers are awaiting to get specific details on what non-programmable calculator means. If this system is implemented the examination invigilators will check the calculator during the examination. If your calculator is programmable then you are violating an examination regulation, as you are using an unauthorized material during the examination.

Hence it is essential that Department of Examination inform the candidates, schools and teachers on the types and models of calculators candidates are allowed to use in upcoming A/L Examination.

List of Non Programmable Calculator Brands

Warning! Do not buy these models. Wait till Department of Examination specifies the brands/ features. 








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