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How to fill UGC University Admission form 2021 – Avoid mistakes

Many students do three common mistakes in filling out University admission form by filling Uni-Codes, hence they do not get University admission at all or do not get preferred courses.

Deadline to submit UGC University admission form - 23rd September 2022.

Details on Universities, How to fill the form correctly and and new details on 2019 New and Old A/L intake are explained here.

Three mistakes to avoid when  filling UGC application

1. Not applying for University selection at all
Some do not apply because of low Z scores. But it is your right to apply for a course if you have a following minimum qualification.
At least ‘S’ grades in all three approved subjects in one sitting, within a maximum of three
A minimum mark of 30% for the Common General Paper

2. Not applying highly preferred courses
Some students with low Z-scores do not apply for a course with high z-score course. (Eg. Without applying Medicine applying only Biological science)
Apply to as many eligible courses, regardless of the cut-off points of the previous year.
Cut - off marks for selected courses of study of universities for a district may vary from year to year, due to

  • Performance of the students (Z - score) for that year
  • Number of seats available in the universities.
  • Some high Z - scores do A/L again and do not enter to courses (eg. Biological science courses)

3. Not applying enough courses
Some students only apply high Z-score courses (eg. Medicine, Japura Management)
Mark maximum no of preferences to avoid the risk of not getting an eligible course due to your failure in indicating a preference

How UGC select 2019 A/L New and Old syllabus Students to Universities

State University System offers 225 courses of study of Universities (Uni Codes)

For academic year 2019/2020 - 104 different degree programmes in 14 National Universities, 03 Campuses and 05 Higher Education Institutes under UGC.

  • Uni-Code = A unique code (a unique identity) is given to each individual course
  • There are 225 Uni-Codes.
  • You should arrange Uni-Codes from the highest preferred Uni-Code to the lowest preferred
  • You should mark the maximum number of Uni-Codes which you are eligible to apply when filling the application.
  • CMB - University of Colombo

List of Universities and Campuses

  • PDN - University of Peradeniya
  • SJP - University of Sri Jayewardenepura
  • KLN - University of Kelaniya
  • MRT - University of Moratuwa
  • UJA - University of Jaffna
  • RUH - University of Ruhuna
  • EUSL - Eastern University, Sri Lanka
  • SEUSL - South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
  • RUSL - Rajarata University of Sri Lanka
  • SUSL - Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka
  • WUSL - Wayamba University of Sri Lanka
  • UWU - Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka
  • UVPA - University of the Visual & Performing Arts
  • OUSL - The Open University of Sri Lanka
  • IIM - Institute of Indigenous Medicine
  • GWAI - Gampaha Wickramaarachchi Ayurveda Institute
  • UCSC - University of Colombo School of Computing
  • SVIAS - Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies
  • RAFA - Ramanathan Academy of Fine Arts
  • SP - Sripalee Campus
  • TRINCO - Trincomalee Campus
  • VAV - Vavuniya Campus

Five Things to consider in selecting a Course in a University

  1. Your Z-Score - If you have high Z score then you can opt for highly demand courses such as Medicine, Engineering, Jayeawardenepura Management, Peradeniya Arts, Jayewardenepura Technology etc. However based on your Z-score you can select a suitable course.
  2. Your location - Some prefer university close to home, and some look for beautiful location with good university life.
  3. Quality of the course and lectures - Almost all state Universities offer good courses and their staff has good qualification with PhD s in the relevant field, and you can get lectures from the expert Professors in the particular field.
  4. Job prospects for particular course of study - There are common jobs only for graduates such as Foreign service, Sri Lanka Administrative Service, Customs, Graduate Teaching etc. If you have a degree from a state University you may be able to get a job in private sector or in government. However, some degrees have more employment opportunities: Medicine, Engineering, IT degrees etc.
  5. Student Life - Even though a course is good, look for student unrest and University life in the particular campus. Do not rely on negative media reports and popular belief, just talk to an alumni in that particular Faculty and get inside information.




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