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30 things you can do after A/L – career and study options

You need a good Z-score in GCE A/L examination to enter Public University to get a free degree. If you A/L results are not sufficient for a Degree program in a National University, then list here 27 study and career options you can follow. (Updated 2024)

  1.  1:00 Do A/L again – Consider retaking A/L exams to improve your grades and broaden your options for higher education. 
  2. 1:25 Soft skills, English, IT – Invest in developing soft skills, improving English proficiency, and gaining IT skills to enhance your employability.
  3. 2:16 National University Degrees – If you get a good Z-score then you can get internationally accepted degrees free from state national universities. 
  4. 3:20 Career pathways after A/L – Research and identify potential career paths aligned with your interests and qualifications after completing A/L.
  5. 5:04 Open University – Consider enrolling in the Open University for flexible learning options and obtaining a degree while managing other commitments.
  6. 6:14 External Degree – Several state universities offer external degrees and you can do this while studying.  eg BIT, University of Sri Jayewardneprua External, Colombo Science Faculty external degrees 
  7. 7:05 Technical Education, VTA, UNIVOTEC  – Look into technical education programs offered by institutions like VTA and UNIVOTEC to acquire practical skills for specific industries.
  8. 7:56 Private University Degree courses – Explore programs offered by private higher educational institutes that may provide specialized and industry-relevant courses.
  9. 8:58 Government Accredited Degrees – These are also offered by Private Universities 
  10. 9:50 Accountancy – eg. Chartered Accountancy, CIMA 
  11. 10:33 Law – How to become a Lawyer in Sri Lanka
  12. 11:12 Study Abroad – Explore opportunities to study abroad (India, China, UK, USA, Canada, Australia etc, broadening your horizons and gaining an international perspective on education.
  13. 12:11 Foreign Jobs – Investigate job opportunities overseas (eg. Australia, South Korea, Japan, Middle East etc.) and consider the requirements for working in a foreign country.
  14. 12:28 Business Management Degree
  15. 12:53 Vidya Peeta – Become a Teacher
  16. 13:50 Engineering
  17. 14:37 Foreign Medical Degree 
  18. 15:37 Nursing
  19. 16:03 Para-medical – Jobs in allied health sector
  20. 16:57 Find a Job
  21. 10:38 HND – Higher National Diplomas 
  22. 18:03 IT, software degrees, Computing
  23. 18:41 City & Guilds
  24. 19:03 Multimedia & Graphics
  25. 19:12 Start your Business
  26. 19:28 German, Japan Tech
  27. 19:45 I Chem degree
  28. 20:08 Hotel Management
  29. Logistics courses
  30. 20:23 Micro-credentials Online certificates

උසස් පෙළීන් පසු උසස් අධ්‍යාපන පාඨමාලා හා රැකියා අවස්ථා – After A/L courses careers and Jobs 2022

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If these options are not sufficient then we have lots of career and higher study options you can select in this website.




University Senior Lecturer at University of Sri Jayewardenepra, Sri Lanka

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