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How to study new A/L Biology syllabus correctly?

We bring you four tips on How to study GCE A/L new Biology syllabus correctly for those who are going to sit A/L Examination in 2019, 2020 or 2021.

1. What is the correct Biology syllabus?

You have to follow the Biology syllabus published by National Institute of Education (NIE) which contains 10 units.

Click this link for more details and links to download publications listed here -

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2. What are the recommended text books for new A/L syllabus?

Most important books you should read are the Resource Books published by NIE, along with teachers guides with recommended learning outcomes.

Also it is recommended to read Cambpell Biology text book.

3. Has the structure of the Biology paper been changed?

Structure of the Biology Paper I (MCQ paper) and Paper II (structured essay and essay) paper has not been changed.  However, contents of the paper should be different as 80% of the new syllabus contains new facts.

However Biology Prototype paper issued by Department of Examinations recently contains most of the old syllabus questions.

4. How do you prepare for A/L Exam based on New syllabus?

You need to follow instructions given in 1-3 above.  You can self-study by reading NIE resource books and gathering necessary information by reading relevant sections from Cambell Biology book. As many old, "Popular" Biology teachers still teach old outdated facts, you need to get your education from an experienced teacher who has a good knowledge in recent trends in the Biology syllabus and examination question types.

Click this link for more details and links to download publications listed here -




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