How to Become a Software Engineer in Sri Lanka

Updated 2021 May 

A software engineer is one of the top jobs right now. It pays well, it is highly rewarding, and the opportunities are incredible. For someone in Sri Lanka, getting into the field is not that difficult, at least if you meet the requirements and put your all into it. Numerous options exist for anyone who wants to enter the field. To do this, though, you need to learn the steps and necessities. Any IT field will have certain requirements. For this one, taking a course in software engineering and earning a degree is such a requirement. An educational background is an important piece of realizing your dream as a professional in this sought after field.

The demand for professionals is always high, and you can continually find exceptional job opportunities that pay well.
Who is Computer Software Engineer?

Software engineers, are also called software developers and they design and develop software applications or computer systems. Some develop the applications that allow people to do specific tasks on a computer or another device. Others develop the underlying systems that run the devices or that control networks.

There are two functions of a software engineer: development of new applications and maintenance.

It doesn’t matter what sort of tools are programming languages you use, as long as you are fulfilling these roles and writing code, you are a software engineer.

Career Requirements
Bachelor’s degree in Computer science, software engineering or related field. Some employers may prefer a master’s degree

Key Skills – Analytical, problem-solving, teamwork and communication skills as well as creativity and attention to detail; familiarity with database management, development environment, program testing and other related software

First, you should understand the job in general. Do your research to know if it is a good fit for you. For software engineering, that education comes from coursework and degrees. The course type that you would have for such a degree includes math, computer literacy, engineering, and a variety of other areas relevant to computer work, programming languages, and software.

There are several options in Sri Lanka that have accredited, trusted courses that can help you to stay on top of the field. They specialize in building successful, capable software engineers that can work all across the globe, getting in major corporations and starting their own businesses.

When you find a good place, stick with it. Engineering coursework has a tendency to up the difficulty, but it is worth it once you get into the field and start making a name for yourself.

Where to get an IT degree in Sri Lanka

Degree from a National University

However to enter most of these courses you need pass and have a good Z-score at GCE A/L examination in Mathematics stream (by following combined matematics as a subject). However you may enter into some of the IT courses by following IT as a subject or with science subjects.

External BIT Degrees and Open University

Private Degrees Options in IT

Follow these steps to become software engieer:

  • Study Mathematics for A/L…… (Now with some degrees you can become an software engineer by following any subject, You need relevant skills on the particular field.) 
  • Earn a degree in software engineering or a related field. Most software engineer positions require a bachelor’s degree. …
  • Begin programming immediately. (Learn Python
  • Build software. …
  • Seek an internship. …
  • Find job opportunities. …
  • Consider your career goals.

Follow online Course in Software, IT, Development or Design

There are many online courses available now, where you can gain access to world-class online courses and learning content. Some are free and some are paid courses, some courses offer certificates, diplomas and even degrees. These courses include video lessons, quizzes, hands on practice techniques, class notes, access to recent resources etc. Some of these courses are offered by world class top University academics in the world and come by technical industry experts in software and IT filed.

Coursera Massive Open Online Courses
Coursera provides online access to the world’s best education. More than 20 million learners from around the globe have come to Coursera to take courses offered by its partners, universities like the University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, and top international universities.
Explore 1600+ online courses from top universities. Join Coursera today to learn data science, programming, business strategy, and more.

Udemy online courses
Udemy offers Software Engineering courses for all levels: beginner to advanced. You can Understand the core concepts and algorithms of software engineering using Java, Python, Ruby, C++, PHP, Pascal, iPhone, Android and Object Oriented Programming here. More than 10,000 expert instructors have published online courses on Udemy. These courses start at US $10. Over 13 million students in 150+ countries are taking these courses to advanced their careers and pursue their passions. Each course is available on-demand, 24 / 7, via the iPhone, iPad, Android and Web.

Can you become a Software Engineer by doing A/L in Technology Stream?

If you are really committed to become Software Engineer or Developer you need to do Mathematics for GCE A Level. Therefore you need to follow Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry to enter into Government Engineering Faculty. But now you can do IT instead of Chemistry and enter some Computer Science Degree programs.
If you haven’t done Computer Science or Software Engineering degree then you can do other IT jobs: design, hardware, networking, technical writing etc.

Status of IT Degrees identified by SLASSCOM, the national chamber for the IT/BPM industry (Vision 2022 Report) 

  • State universities currently produce 3,000 students per year
  • Lack of an authority to ensure quality of private higher education
  • Low awareness on industry career prospects, particularly within the BPM (Business Process Management) sector.Read Matched Content:

    Software Engineering is about how to engineer (design and create) software. But there are various other careers in the IT, software and development fields on how to use these software: Business Analyst, Graphic design, Customer service, Data Entry, Hardware, Networking or System Administrator, Sales, Technical Support (Technician or Help Desk) or Technical Writing.




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