After finishing your A/L examination, you can now follow a course to train for a new career or find a suitable employment.

1. Higher Education or Finding a Job?

First decide whether you want to do further education and earn a degree or post-graduate or professional qualification or find a Job and earn money. Of course you do several courses while studying. Also remember you need a good education (degree) to find a good job these days, therefore it is better to get further qualification now.

2. Do A/L Again

A/L results are important for higher education degree programs, and also to get a good employment. Therefore you can do A Level again, If you did not work hard for the first time or your Z-score is not sufficient for the required course such as Medicine or Engineering.
Find GCE A/L Revision class.

3. Learn the Basics – English, IT and soft skills

To find a good job you need English knowledge, IT (Computing) and other soft skills.
Learn English in Sri Lanka – select classes and courses –

Watch our video on Study Options after A Level

4. Degrees at National Universities –

Colombo Medical Faculty

If you are sure about your exam results, then await for results to enter into Sri Lankan Public University system, which offer excellent degrees at no cost.

5. Open University/ KDU/ IChem or Ocean University Degree

Open University offers several undergraduate degree programs under four Faculties: Natural Sciences, Engineering Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences and Education. You can get a degree in several fields: Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Agriculture, Engineering, Humanities, Social sciences etc
Open University Degrees and Courses
You can also enter
Kothalawala Defense University,
Ocean University or
Follow Graduate-ship offered by Institute of Chemistry

6. Professional Qualifications in Management – Accounting, HR or Marketing

Or you can follow courses to get Professional Qualifications.

Popular options in this category includes Management, Accounting, Marketing and Information Technology courses.
Popular Accounting courses are Chartered Accounting, CIMA, ACCA and AAT. Business Management, Marketing and Human Resource Management courses are offered by institutes such as NIBM, BSc Business Administration External degree at University of Sri Jayewardenepura, CIMA, CIM, PIM and many other by Private Institutes.

Read More on Accountancy courses and study options in Sri Lanka

7. IT – Information Technology and Computing

Computing and information Technology courses
are offered by SLIITNIBM, APIIT, Informatics, IDM, ESOFT and many other Private Institutes.  There are professional degrees in IT such as BCS/ ACS/ NCC.

8. Engineering

There are many private engineering degree offering institutes.

How to select Private Engineering degree course in Sri Lanka
IESL Engineering Course 
Mechatronics Engineering courses, degrees in Sri Lanka
Fisheries and Nautical Engineering
Marine or Aerospace Engineering degrees in Sri Lanka

9. Science and Medicine-

If you want to continue your classical subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Economics etc. you can register into Open University degree programs. Open University degrees are also well recognized and this is a low cost option to expensive foreign degree programs. Graduate-ship programs of Institute of Chemistry is also very popular among science students.

If you are looking for a career in Medical Sector, then you can follow Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT),  Physiotherapy or Pharmacology Courses
Foreign Medical degree courses

10. Study Abroad –

If you have money you can go to a country like USA, UK, Australia, Russia, and India and get a foreign degree. Many students follow Foreign Medical degree courses in Nepal, Russia, Bangladesh, China, India etc. British council offers advice for courses in UK, and Fulbright Scholarship Commission (Close to Ladies College, Colombo) offers advice on courses in USA.

11. Private Degrees –

There are two types of Private degrees you can do in Sri Lanka:

  • Degrees recognized by (UGC ?)/ Ministry of Higher Education
  • Degrees in affiliation with Foreign Universities

You can get a degree (B.Sc. and other) programs in Sri Lanka by following these degree programs. With these institutes you can get degrees in various subjects including Management, IT, Engineering, Bio-Medial Science, Health Sciences, Natural, Applied and Pure Sciences.

12. External/ Online Degrees –

You can follow an external degree (such as Science, Arts, Business Management or BIT), and now there are Online degree programs offered by several Sri Lankan and foreign universities.
External degrees at University of Sri Jayewardenepura
UGC recognized External Degree Programs offered by Universities

13. Technical and Other courses –

There are other free higher education courses such as Kotalawela defense university, Technical Colleges, National Colleges of Education (Vidya Peeta) and Agriculture Diplomas.

14. Law –

You can do law entrance examination and enter Law college to become a Lawyer.

15. Travel ,Tourism, Aviation, Architecture,

Sri Lanka Institute of Travel and Tourism Management (Hotel School)

Media etc. There are many other career options you can select after A/L.

Study Options suggested for A/L Biology student by Facebook support Group users

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