Study in India – How Sri Lankans can select Universities and courses?

A large number of Sri Lankan students gain admission to Indian Universities every year, for Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies. Proximity, cultural linkages and world class education at comparatively low costs have been the major incentives for Sri Lankan students to study in India. India also provides a large number of full-time scholarships in various disciplines at Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral level courses, administered through the IHC, in collaboration with Ministry of HE & Highways, Sri Lanka.

Indian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka (2013) said the education sector in India was growing at a rapid pace with nearly 6% of GDP being invested in this sector, out of which 50 percent contribution came from the private sector.

Some Sri Lankans choose to study in India, they select colleges in Bangalore and other states for Science and medical education. These students and their parents do not know the academic standards of those but they select them because local agents promote them. How can you select Indian Universities and colleges?

Higher Education System in India

Central Government is responsible for major policy relating to higher education in the country. It provides grants to the UGC and establishes central universities in the country. Presently there are sixteen (18) Central Universities in the country.

State Governments are responsible for establishment of State Universities and colleges. There are about 200 universities and 13,000 colleges in the country, and about 5 million students apply for these colleges.

For details please refer Department of Higher Education web site of the Government of Inda.

Academic Qualification Framework in India- Degree Structure

There are three principle levels of qualifications within the higher education system in the country. These are:
Bachelor / Undergraduate level
Master’s / Post-graduate level
Doctoral / Pre-doctoral level

Bachelor’s degree in arts, commerce and sciences is three years of education (after 12 years of school education). In some places there are honours and special courses available. Bachelor degree in professional field of study in agriculture, dentistry, engineering, pharmacy, technology and veterinary medicine generally take four years, while architecture and medicine, it takes five and five and a half years respectively.

Sri Lankan Students who possess two A/ L passes could secure direct entry to most of the degree programmes, and three passes for Medicine and Engineering.

Courses in Indian Universities

India offers many graduate, post graduate and doctoral level courses for the students.
– See more at:

  • 1. Arts, Humanities and Social Science:
  • 2. Commerce/ Business Studies/ Accounting/ Finance
  • 3. Natural Sciences
  • 4. Physical Education
  • 5. Fine Arts/ Art Education
  • 6. Performing Arts
  • 7. Engineering & Technology
  • 8. Computer Application/ Information Technology
  • 9. Management/ Business Administration.
  • 10. Architecture/ Planning
  • 11. Modern Medicine & Surgery
  • 12. Dental Care
  • 13. Homeopathic Medicine
  • 14. Ayurvedic Medicine
  • 15. Unani Medicine
  • 16. Pharmacy
  • 17. Nursing
  • 18. Physiotherapy
  • 19. Agriculture/ Fisheries/ Veterinary Sciences
  • 20. Law
  • 21. Education
  • 22. Other Specialized Programmes


Manipal University and its Medical Campus in India is a private university famous not only in India but the world over.  The university has over 18000 graduate and undergraduate students including 3500 foreign students from Asia, Middle East, Europe, Australia etc. Today the Manipal University comprises of 20 streams of study with medicine being the pioneering and main stream and is ranked among the top 10 educational intuitions in India.

Information from Indian High Commission in Sri Lanka 2014

Website of Indian High Commission in Sri Lanka provides information on Indian Higher Education.

Ranking of Indian Higher education institutes (Colleges)

There is no formal rating of the colleges by the government; therefore the annual survey published by INDIA TODAY magazine is regarded as the standard rating of academic education institutions of India. It is one of the best ways used by Indians to select good colleges. This annual survey includes the top 10 colleges in Science, Arts, Commerce, Engineering and Medicine.

Government of India Scholarships for Sri Lankan Students

The Government of India offers scholarships and fellowships to students from Sri Lanka enabling them to pursue Undergraduate, Masters and Research in diverse range of subjects. Scholarships are also available for research work and non-formal courses (e.g., training courses in classical music and dance).
Read More on Indian Scholarships

General FAQs on Study in India for Sri Lankans

Download Studying in India – A Guide by High Commission of India, Colombo

Published by the High Commission of India in Sri Lanka. India. Studying in. Introduction. The Indianeducation system has established a strong position …

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