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Foreign education - study abroad opportunities for Sri Lankan students | Student Sri Lanka Education
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Foreign education – study abroad opportunities for Sri Lankan students

If you are unable to get into a local university or if you need a foreign exposure then you can select educating in one of the best foreign universities. Even though this is bit expensive and more competitive, the number of students who move abroad for their studies has not declined.  Australia, United Kingdom, United States of America, India, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Russia and New Zealand are said to be the most convenient countries to study. In some countries, you can find a part time jobs while studying and even possible opportunity for the residency too.

In this post we are going to identify the typical places you want to access in finding study abroad options. These institutions and people directly deal with the international universities and colleges as well as with embassies and High commissions, where you can keep faith on them.

Australia; the Asian hotspot in southern hemisphere, is the most popular destination of Sri Lankan students where the life is better than here and cheaper than Europe, as they believe. We suggest the IDP Education which provide free educational information.  It will cater from initial stage of applying to the airport reception at Australia and even after that. IELTS examination arrangements, pre visa applications, selecting universities, TAFE collages and other institutions, selecting study courses, arranging accommodation in Australia are some of the benefits you might get from IDP. Apart from IDP some other institutes such as Australian New Zealand Education Consultants PVT Ltd, Australian Consultancy Centre for Higher Education (PVT) Ltd (ACCHE), Jeewa Australian Educational Centre, and many other group and individual consultants are also available.

UK, is the other popular place that students tends to go. Because of the strict visa procedure introduced by the UK government the tendency to move to England has been bit reduced but still the numbers are higher compared to the other countries. British Council plays the direct link to the UK where it is believed to be the most stabilized institutional body in Sri Lanka. If you are interested in studying in UK you might visit British Council to find better and credible details. Also there are some other UK affiliated institutes and collages found in Sri Lanka such as Thames College, Oxford College, Royal Institute (RI) and British International School (BIS), which are popular among Sri Lankan students. Even there are many possibilities to study the first half of the degree locally and then you might be able to move to UK for the rest. Apart from degree programs you can also move abroad for the diploma level studies such as TAFE, which can also carry out by these institutions.

USA provides some of world’s finest higher education. U.S. degrees are recognized all over the world and are considered to be one of the best in the world. Most of the universities allow students to work on their campus as either part-time or full-time employees. Unbiased information on USA study abroad programs can be obtained by  Education USA, the official U.S. Government-affiliated student advising centre , American Centre of Colombo and by the Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission. Fulbright Commission at 22, Flower Terrace, Colombo 07 (Tel: 011-2564176) conducts free seminars, university meet-ups, and provide free and independent advice to both students and parents. ANC (American National College) is one of the other places which might help you in finding study abroad courses and opportunities. Other hundreds of students are also moving out of the country using private counselors, which is in one hand a risk but on the other hand an economical way.

India, the neighbor of us is the other popular destination of Sri Lankan students, as it is more economical than going to a western country. Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune are some of the most Sri Lankan abundant places in India, and locations for best universities too. India has courses in aesthetic studies that of Music and Dancing, and also in science (Microbiology) and technology (Engineering).

Pakistan – Government of Pakistan offers scholarships to follow any course in Pakistan Universities

Singapore has become the other best place for study abroad programs. Most of my friends were tend to move to Singapore where they even settled there after finding good jobs after the study. Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand are also good places to study. We hope this post will direct you to move to a right place through right people or institutions, which will be ended up with a highly successful end point.

Scholarship Programs to study in India and in Pakistan

Following is the summary of things you should consider in selecting foreign education:

Where to study: Country (in USA, UK, India or another country), climate, semi-rural, city etc)
What to study: Medicine, Engineering, Science, Arts, Management
Entrance Requirements (Bachelor degree in same field, work experience etc.)
What degree : BA, BSc, MBBS, MSc, MBA, Ph.D., etc
Cost — Tuition, living expenses etc
Availability  of Scholarships to International Students
Tests needed to enter into these courses and universities: SAT, TOEFL, ILETS
Visa procedures
Facilities — Library, housing, student associations etc.



Achintha Bandara

Achinthya Bandara is a final year B.A. Sinhala Special degree undergraduate of University of Colombo. He also studied in La Trobe University in Victoria, Australia.

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Achintha Bandara

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