Private Universities and Degree courses in Sri Lanka

There are four types of Degree Awarding Higher Education Institutes in Sri Lanka:

  1. Public National Universities
  2. Private Institutes which offer Sri Lankan degrees recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC)
  3. Private Institutes which offer Foreign Degrees in affiliation with Foreign Universities
  4. Professional Institutes which offer Degree Equivalent Professional Qualifications

What Private degree to select?

A large number of private universities and institutions in Sri Lanka that offer foreign degrees or an equivalent qualification calls upon students and parents to be more concerned in their university programme selection. Furthermore there are many undergraduate equivalent courses available for students. What do you know about these universities? Are they actually the same institutes they claim to be or advertise?

National Universities

There is a well established National Universities in Sri Lanka, offering Bacheulars and Post-graduate (Masters, PhDs) degrees in Sri Lanka. However as the government is offering degrees as a free education you need good Z-scores to get into these degree programs.

Degrees recognized by UGC

Also there are Degrees offered by Private and Semi-government Institutes such as SLIIT, NIBM and NIFE Ocean University. Some of these degree programs are recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC).  Follwoing are those degree programs recognized by UGC (Extracted from UGC web site in October June 2014)

Degrees offered by Foreign Universities

There are many foreign university degree qualifications including those from UK, Australia, Russia, India, US and many other countries are offered by different institutes in Sri Lanka. Or you can go abroad to do degree programs. According to UGC web site, it recognizes foreign Universities/ Higher Educational Institutes based on international acceptance. Universities/Higher Educational Institutes that are listed in the following International Publications which are authentic sources of information on Universities and Higher Educational Institutes in different countries, are recognized by UGC.
1. Commonwealth Universities Yearbook – (Published by Association of Commonwealth Universities)
2. International Handbook of Universities – (Published by International Association of Universities)

When selecting a Private degree look for following aspects:

There are many more private Degree programs and Degree awarding institutes in Sri Lanka. Rather than recommending any degree program, we advice you to look for following aseptics before selecting a degree program.

What is the ranking of the degree awarding university in its home country?
Refer globally recognized university rankings such as Times Higher Education-QS World University Ranking, US News and World Report’s World’s Best Universities.

What are the academic quality assurances?
All national and regional accredited universities are listed in the UNESCO handbook of universities. This is used as the guideline by all government higher education authorities including UGC (University Grants Commission) in Sri Lanka.

Who will teach you?
Make sure you select the right institution that has lecturers who are qualified to do the job.

What are the local campus facilities?
A good library and student resource centre with adequate reading and study material, computer labs with up-to-date hardware and software configurations and high-speed internet connections, fully equipped engineering and science labs, classroom with proper seating, space and basic facilities such as multimedia and internet are considered as the absolute minimum for any international university student.

Interest free student loans to follow Private Degrees 

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