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Science – Chemistry

The College of Chemical Sciences (CCS) was established in January 2001 to conduct all the educational and training activities of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon.

CCS conducts following educational programmes
Graduateship in Chemistry (GIC) programme.
Diploma in Laboratory Technology in Chemistry (DLTC)
Certificate courses in Chemical Sciences

Up to 2015 a total of 1,075 graduate chemists and 1,025 chemistry technicians have been produced by the Institute.

The graduates from this course have been employed as chemists in private sector. A number of them have done postgraduate degrees at Universities all over the world. Particularly the Universities in United Kingdom, United States of America have recognised the qualification and accepted these students for Postgraduate studies.

About 300 graduate chemists have obtained postgraduate degrees and of these about 100 have received Ph.D degrees. The Royal Society of Chemistry, U.K, besides accepting the Graduate Qualification to become member of their Society, have accredited the course. The Institute continues its valuable service as today 600 have enrolled to follow the course.

College of Chemical Sciences (CCS)
Graduateship of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon
College of Chemical Sciences (CCS) SL
Duration: 4 Years
Cost in 2012 Rs: 200000-499999

College of Chemical Sciences (CCS)
341/22, Kotte Road, Welikada, Rajagiriya
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