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Sathyodaya by Walpolsa Rahula
Sathyodaya or The Dawn of Truth is an 88 page booklet, written by Ven. Prof Walpola Rahula, one of the greatest Buddhist scholars of our time. He is known the world over for his seminal work “What the Buddha Taught”, which was published in 1959 and since used as a handbook on Buddhism in many American universities.

His scholarship was rewarded when he was appointed, in 1964, the Professor of History and Religions at Northwestern University in Illinois, USA, the first Buddhist Monk to hold a professorial chair in the Western world.

Venerable Walpola Rahula’s Sathyodaya booklet: Sri Lanka’s Theravada Buddhism presented in Sinhala language.

Most of the book are in question and answer format and the topics are:

Proper Buddha Puja
Inviting gods and Dharmapuja
Insults to Triple Gem
Bhikku’s caste system
Meritorius acts and aspirations
Sangha and offerings

Download pdf of Sathyodaya by Ven Walpola Rahula

You can download this book from University of Sri Jayewardenepoura digital repository here.

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