Sooriya diyani/ Suriya diyani korean teledrama at Jathika Rupavahini

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Jathika Rupavahini now telecasts Sinhala dubbed korean teledrama Empress Ki as Sooriya diyani/ Suriya diyani. This is telecased during weekdays from 16 February 2016 from 6.30 pm on Sri Lanka Rupavahini (TV) Corporation.

This,is a Histirical Period Drama with Romance theme.

Suriya diyani revolves around Gi , Chengniang a Goryeo-born woman who ascends to power despite the restrictions of the era’s class system, and later marries Toghon Temür (Emperor of Mongolia) to become an empress of the Yuan dynasty, instead of her first love, Wang Yu. The series depicts her loves and political ambitions as she is torn between the two nations.

Ha Ji-Won
Joo Jin-Mo
Ji Chang-Wook

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