Future Minds 2015 Education and Career Exhibition at BMICH, KCC, Galle

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Future Minds celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and their Higher Education and Career Exhibition will be held at BMICH in Colombo from 19th to 21stof June, KCC in Kandy on 27th and 28th of June and Galle Town Hall on 19th and 20th September, 2015.

Future Minds, which originated in 2006, is a family guidance tour to the platform of modern education empowering the youth to craft their dream careers to reality. .Future Minds takes pride in Sri Lanka’s family oriented culture and its strength for the younger generation to take a more prudent decision relating to their career path and future. The exhibition entails to enrich growth of the non-state higher educational sector.

Future Minds entails a wide array of products and services for the young student to enrich their careers. The exhibition is a forum where a fusion of students, school leavers’, parents, universities and institutions creates a most synergetic platform in deciding on the most apposite educational partner and the most appropriate career path.

The exhibition will be participated by roughly 150 educational and educational service sector institutes. They consist of local educational institutes and foreign educational institutes providing a choice for students to follow higher education based on their preferences and capabilities.

The event aims at: providing a single platform on which students can interact with state and private higher educational, tertiary educational institutes, educational service sectors and make educated choices about their Career Development, expose Students to the vast number of choices and alternatives in Higher and Tertiary Educational streams, to facilitate a Knowledge Transfer process by bringing in Foreign Expertise in Higher Education and Tertiary Education thereby enabling Sri Lankan Students to gain the highest level of competence in their choice of career, to aid the development of a highly skilled and versatile National Workforce aiding the Economic and Social development of Sri Lanka and to provide Career Guidance Counselling to Students.

Parallel to its main exposition Future Minds carries several satellite events in line with its publicity agenda. At the exhibition venues on the inauguration days of each location (Colombo, Kandy and Galle), is titled as the “Talent Tank Day”, with competitions and mesmerizing prizes which will attract students from some of the best and popular schools while students from various parts of the Island will also visit the exhibition directly from their schools. An essay competition and an oratory competition, in both Sinhala and English mediums together with art, blogging and photography competition will be conducted among school students, who stand to win certificates, scholarships and valuable gifts.

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