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Faculty of Information Technology of University of Moratuwa offers Bachelor Of Information Technology (BIT) external degree through Centre for Open and Distance Learning (CODL).

This degree was initially offered in the Distance and Open Learning Mode and at present delivering through Partner Organization. It is intended to provide higher educational opportunities to those who could not have access to the higher education, though they were qualified to get higher education.

Entry Requirements

If you have Three passes in the G.C.E. (A/L) examination in one sitting you can enter this program. However other educational / academic / professional qualification as specified in the official website are also considered.

Diploma/ Higher Diploma/ Degree levlels of the program – Entry and Exit Criteria

The Degree Programme allows multiple entry and multiple exit points. The programme work load is divided into three different levels, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 which are called the Diploma Level, the Higher Diploma Level and the Degree Level respectively.

If you successfully complete academic and administrative requirements of each Level then you will be awarded certification as follows:
Level 1 – Diploma in Information Technology
Level 2 – Higher Diploma in Information Technology
Level 3 – Bachelor in Information Technology

BIT Program pathways from website

BIT Program pathways from website

Partner Organization

According to the Applicant Hand book for the 10 th Intake (January 2015) following organization which has experience in delivering degree level Programmes is listed as a Partner Organization.
1) OpenArc School of Business & Technology

Contact and More Details

Centre for Open and Distance Learning
University of Moratuwa
Tel : 0113082788, 0113082787

UNIVERSITY OF MORATUWA /CODL – 011 308 2787 /011 308 2788
Partner organization – OPENARC SCHOOL OF BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY – 011 251 5050 / 072 722 3300

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