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Google Translate is now active for Sinhala. Use it here.

You can now help Google to translate English words and phrases into Sinhala (Sinhalese) Language in Google Translation. According to Google, Google Translate is a statistical machine translation tool , but native speakers like you can improve their algorithms to learn Sinhala language a little better.

At this initial phase, you can translate words and phrases into Sinhala language.

Start translating words and phrases into Sinhala
Select Language from English to Sinhalaese
Google Sinhala Translate
Then you can start typing Sinhala words and phrases for English words.
Google sinhala

Sinhala Translate Week

Google Translate Community has declared a Sinhala Translate Week is a week from 1st to 7th of September 2014 for the purpose of improving the translation efficiency of Sinhala language in Google Translate.

Google Translate Community (Community) is a platform for language enthusiasts and volunteers interested in improving translation quality for their language or helping Google to add it to Translate.



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