How to make a Vesak lantern kudu – Best 10 tutorials

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Wesak (or Vesak), commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death (or parinibbāna) of the Buddha. It is celebrated on the day of the full moon in May.

Decorating the streets, homes and buildings with colourful lights, Lamps, lanterns and other decorations are a very common during vesak period as “Amisa Pooja” to Buddha. Vesak lanterns (Vesak koodu or Kudu) are one of the main vesak decorations.

We bring you several tutorials in websites and videos teach you how to make different types of vesak lanterns.

1. How to make Vesak Lanterns by Melbourne Vesak Siri

This article by Sri Lankan in Australia describes how to make Atapattam Wesak lantern, Star Lantern, Lotus Lanern and Billing Kudu

Vesak lantern lotus

2. How to prepare a simple vesak kudu:

This contains details on how to make original atapattam kudu using 24 stiks of bamboo (una bata). This article has photographs and easy to follow instructions.

Atapattam kudu vesak lantern

3. Video – How to make a Vesak lantern (Atapattama/ octagon)

Make atapattama Octagonal vesak lantern using bamboo strips, tissue paper, glue (Pappa),

4. Video – How to make a Atapattama (Octagon)

Using metal wires

5. Video – How to make a Lotus Wesak Lantern

Using 6 strips of bamboo

6. Video – How to make a Star Wesak Lantern

Using 12 sticks of bamboo

7. Video – How to make a Vesak Lantern in less than 30 mins

Using 1″ wide Cardboard stripes, Crepe papers, a pair of scissors and Glue / Paappa (පාප්ප – traditional glue made out of plain baking flour and water)

8. How to make a kudu out of News Paper (In Sinhala)

9. Video – How to make vesak lantern using drinking straws

10 Sunday Observer article on How to make vesak lanterns



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  1. Damitha April 19, 2017 at 7:06 pm -  Reply

    We live in London. I’m going to make a kudu for Vesak this year using these methods.

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