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The University of Moratuwa has three faculties, namely, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Information Technology. These faculties have three, twelve and three Departments respectively. Numbers of Undergraduate students enrolled in the faculties are 929, 3139,and 391 respectively.

Some strengths of University of Moratuwa:

  • attracting the large majority of the top 10 percent of students on the merit list to its undergraduate courses,
  • the exclusive provider of architectural, quantity surveying, town and country planning and fashion and product design degree programmes,
  • the seat of the first Faculty for Information Technology,
  • one of the best universities in Sri Lanka and the undisputed leader in engineering, architectural and technological education

Undergraduate Courses

The university has eight full-time Bachelor’s degree programmes of three-years, four years and five-years duration. Five of these are Honours Degree programmes of four years duration, whilst there are two three-year Degree programmes and one five-year Honours Degree programme.

UoM strives to gain the recognition of Professional Bodies and Accrediting Agencies in developed countries. In pursuance of this accreditation had been already obtained for Bachelor’s Degree programmes of four Departments: namely, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, and Quantity Surveying. The Degree programmes have been given recognition respectively by the Institution of Civil Engineers, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Royal Institute of British Architects, and the Institute of Quantity Surveyors, all of the United Kingdom. The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors also has recognized the Degree in Quantity Surveying.

Students for these programmes are selected by the University Grants Commission. However, for certain programmes, Architecture and Design, those who obtain the minimum qualifications to enter the university at the GCE(A-L) has to pass an aptitude test conducted by the respective department.

Faculty of Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering University Moratuwa

The Faculty of Engineering is the largest faculty in the University of Moratuwa, comprising 12 academic departments, over 200 academic staff and around 3500 undergraduate and post-graduate students.

The Faculty at present offers Bachelor of the Science of Engineering degree in 9 disciplines, Bachelor of Design degree in Fashion Design and Product Development and Bachelor of Science degree in Transport and Logistics Management.

In addition, the Faculty offers a large number of post-graduate degrees leading to Master of Science, Master of Engineering, Master of Philosophy, Master of Business Administration and Doctor of Philosophy.

Contact Engineering Faculty

Faculty of Architecture

Faculty of Archetecture University Moratuwa
The Faculty of Architecture is the only University Faculty in Sri Lanka that provides undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the disciplines of Architectural, Quantity Surveying & Planning education.

At present there are more than 2000 Undergraduates and Postgraduate students and the Faculty functions its academic activities with more than 80 academic staff.

The Faculty of Architecture comprises the following 4 academic departments.

The Faculty also has the following divisions and units in addition to the above four departments which provide training and research for the academics and the professionals.

The Faculty of Architecture at present offers the following Undergraduate Degree programmes.

Contact Faculty of Architecture

Tele: 94 11 2640200, 94 11 2650216
Fax: 94 11 2650216

Faculty of Information Technology

Faculty of Information Technology Moratuwa
Faculty of Information Technology, offers the Honours Degree in  the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology [B.Sc. (IT) Hons.]. A student has the option of obtaining the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology [B.Sc. (IT)] degree at the end of six academic semesters or to continue on to the Honours degree for a further two academic semesters. Both courses include an industrial training period of an additional 24 weeks.

The Faculty also offers a Postgraduate Diploma / M. Sc. in Information Technology, as well as postgraduate research degree programmes leading to MPhil and PhD degrees. A number of professional development programmes including Postgraduate Diploma in IT for Educators, a Graduate Training Programme (GTP) and IT for Vocational Trainers are also offered by the Faculty.

Faculty also offers external degree programme, the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT). This programme is offered in the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode.

Contact Faculty of IT

Tel : 94 11 2650301
Fax : 94 11 2650922
e-mail :


University of Moratuwa does not have an explicit research policy. However, all Departments engage in research activities. Research is encouraged by establishing the Research Excellence Awards Scheme, monitored by a Senate sub-committee.

The Academics have published papers in refereed journals and also produced research results of national significance. An annual research symposium is organized to disseminate research findings. Publicity is given for this on the University Website. Departments also hold dissemination Seminars.

Student Life

The university has managed to provide accommodation to the needy first and final year students based on a formula which takes the distance and the family income into account. However, only 25% of the total student body are able to enjoy these facilities.

University has a modern Gymnasium, and it has facilities for several sports, and have many student councils, societies and clubs.

In addition to Mahapola scheme and Bursaries, some evidence is noted where the university also supports selected students as and when necessary.

Contact University of Moratuwa

University of Moratuwa
Bandaranayake Mawatha,
Katubedda, Moratuwa 10400

Phone: 011 2 650534
Founded: 1972

Information Sources:
Read Institutional Review Report published by Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council of University Grants Commission,
University of Moratuwa official website



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    Faculty of Information Technology

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