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National Institute of Social Development (NISD) an educational institution producing professional social workers to serve the social welfare system and to promote social development. It is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) as a degree awarding Institute, the Universities Act. NISD is a statutory body functioning under the Ministry of Social Services.

Academic programs (Courses)

Sri Lanka School of Social Work

The Sri Lanka School of Social Work at the National Institute of Social Development, functioning under the Ministry of Social Services, is the only institution that provides professional social work education in Sri Lanka. The social work education is conducted at the tertiary level in this institute.

 National Institute of Social Development

National Institute of Social Development

Sri Lanka School of Social Work conducts the three main academic programmes of the institute.
• two year Diploma programme in Social Work,
• four year Bachelor’s degree programme in Social Work
• two year Master of Social Work degree programme.

Training division

The training division conducts the Diploma programme in Counselling an eighteen month programme and several sponsored in-service and out-reach training programmes.


This degree aims to produce professional social workers with a good grasp of social work values, capable of managing social welfare services, competent to engage in quality teaching and research and promote peace and harmony in a multi-ethnic Sri Lanka.

The Bachelor’s degree course in Social Work is a full time four year programme. It is conducted in eight semesters. Within the four year study period, two fieldwork placements (in the 2nd & 4th years) are conducted. In these two Block field placements, students learn the practice of social work in communities and agencies under the close supervision of trained professional social workers. The placements are full time and conducted during a total time period of twenty four weeks. This professional course anticipates the students to be committed learners working with people in need.


The Master’s degree aims to produce professionally qualified and managerially competent manpower to service the social welfare system and thereby promote Social development.

This program is designed to provide advanced knowledge in social work encompassing a qualitative shift from knowledge acquisition to the development of analytical skills, critical appraisal and production of knowledge through critical inquiry.


The Diploma programme in Couselling is an eighteen month programme. This programme is conducted in two semesters of class room lessons followed by a six month long field practicum.

Within the field practicum period, students learn to apply the theoretical knowledge that they gained in class room lessons to real field (Ground) settings under the close supervision provided by trained professionals. The field placements should be full time.


The Diploma in Social Work programme is a full time two year programme conducted both in the Sinhala and Tamil media producing the much needed professional generic social work practitioners specially trained to work as effective social work interventionists in the country.

It is conducted through classroom teaching, on-site-teaching-learning and the course aims to produce generic social work practitioners.


This national diploma programme in child protection focuses on skills development of professionals in child protection, child welfare and the other related fields in Sri Lanka. It is designed in keeping with the qualification framework advocated by the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council of the UGC in Sri Lanka.

Duration of the course is one academic year. You can follow this in Sinhala or English medium.

For more details Contact

National Institute of Social Development
488 A, Nawala Road,
Sri Lanka
Phone: 011-2882506 / 07




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