Informatics IIT Scholarships in Software Engineering and Business Degrees

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If you have good A/L results then you can apply Informatics Inforschool scholarship program offered by Informatics Group in collaboration with leading IT & business companies. You get a chance of receiving a scholarship to pursue a degree whilst providing job opportunities in respective organizations.

By this scholarship program you can get one of the following United Kingdom (Internal Degree) from University of Westminster, UK.

• BEng (Hons) Software Engineering
• BSc (Hons) Information Systems with Business Management

The selected scholars will be employed as full lime trainees at well reputed companies. Therefore, upon completion of the degree offered by the University ol Westminster, you will have 5 years olf work experience, making you a highly marketable locally and internationally with job placement guaranteed.

Eligibility for IIT Scholarships

Good O/L & A/L results.

Application deadline is 10th May 2013

For details contact:

The Registrar,
Informatics institute of Technology.
57, Ramakrishna Road, Colombo 06.
Tel : 0112 360 212 Hotline : 0722 72 72 72
E-mail :
Web :



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