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Links to download Sri Lankan National Anthem as MP3 or WAV file or as a video and lyrics of National Anthem are presented here, so that you can play it on national festivals, sports, cultural events, meetings, conferences etc.

You can download official version of Sri Lankan National Ahtem from website of Ministry of Cultural Affairs:
MP3 version – Very High quality Download
MP3 version – High quality Download
MP3 version – Normal quality Download
WAV version – High quality Download

Videos of Sri Lankan National Song (From YouTube)

There are several versions of Sri Lankan National Song at YouTube. We have embedded here the best versions so that you  use them in any festive, cultural or official ceremonies.

National Anthem – Instrumental with English Subtitles

With English Subtitles (Instrumental). This is a flag discography animation.

National Anthem – Instrumental with Sinhala Subtitles

“Sri Lanka Matha” – Sri Lanka National anthem Vocal

This contains vocals with national flag as a background (clean)
Video contains some of the flags that were used in Sri Lanka in various periods.

“Sri Lanka Matha” – Sri Lanka National anthem Vocal

National Anthem with visuals around Sri Lanka with voice (song)

Sri Lankan National Anthem at the MCG (Australia)

Lyrics of Sri Lankan National Song

Sri Lankan National Song Lyrics in English:

Sri Lanka Matha,
apa Sri Lanka, Namo Namo Namo Namo Matha
Sundara siri barini,Surendi athi Sobamana Lanka
Dhanya dhanaya neka mal palathuru piri, Jaya bhoomiya ramya.
Apa hata sapa siri setha sadana, jeewanaye Matha!
Piliganu mena apa bhakthi pooja,
Namo Namo Matha.
Apa Sri Lanka,
Namo Namo Namo Namo Matha
apa Sri…. Lanka, Namo Namo Namo Namo Matha
Obawe apa widya,
Obamaya apa sathya
Obawe apa shakti,
Apa hada thula bhakthi
Oba apa aloke, Aapage anuprane
oba apa jeewana we, Apa muktiya obawe
Nawa jeewana demine
Nnithina apa Pubudu karan matha
Gnana weerya wadawamina ragena yanu
mena jaya bhoomi kara
Eka mawekuge daru kala bawina
yamu yamu wee nopama
Prema wada sama bheda durara da
Namo Namo Matha
Apa Sri Lanka, Namo Namo Namo Namo Matha.

ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ ජාතික ගීය – Sri Lanka National Song Lyrics in Sinhala

ශ්‍රී ලංකා මාතා
අප ශ්‍රී……. ලංකා නමෝ නමෝ නමෝ නමෝ මාතා
සුන්‍දර සිරිබරිනී සුරැඳි අති සෝබමාන ලංකා
ධාන්‍ය ධනය නෙක මල් පලතුරු පිරි ජය භුමිය රම්‍යා
අප හට සැප සිරි සෙත සදනා ජීවනයේ මාතා
පිළිගනු මැන අප භක්‍තී පූජා
නමෝ නමෝ මාතා
අප ශ්‍රී …… ලංකා නමෝ නමෝ නමෝ නමෝ මාතා
ඔබ වේ අප විද්‍යා
ඔබ මය අප සත්‍යා
ඔබ වේ අප ශක්‍ති
අප හද තුළ භක්‍තී
ඔබ අප ආලෝකේ
අපගේ අනුප්‍රාණේ
ඔබ අප ජීවන වේ
අප මුක්‍තිය ඔබ වේ
නව ජීවන දෙමිනේ නිතින අප පුබුදු කරන් මාතා
ඥාන වීර්‍ය වඩවමින රැගෙන යනු මැන ජය භූමී කරා
එක මවකගෙ දරු කැල බැවිනා
යමු යමු වී නොපමා
ප්‍රේම වඩා සැම හේද දුරැර දා නමෝ නමෝ මාතා
අප ශ්‍රී…….. ලංකා නමෝ නමෝ නමෝ නමෝ මාතා

National Anthem English Translation:

Mother Lanka we salute Thee! Plenteous in prosperity, Thou, Beauteous in grace and love, Laden with grain and luscious fruit, And fragrant flowers of radiant hue, Giver of life and all good things, Our land of joy and victory, Receive our gratefull praise sublime, Lanka! we worship Thee. Thou gavest us Knowledge and Truth, Thou art our strength and inward faith, Our light divine and sentient being, Breath of life and liberation. Grant us, bondage free, inspiration. Inspire us for ever. In wisdom and strength renewed, Ill-will, hatred, strife all ended, In love enfolded, a mighty nation Marching onward, all as one, Lead us, Mother, to fullest freedom.

Download Lyrics of the National Anthem as a pdf file

National Anthem – Description

Sri Lanka Matha is the national anthem of Sri Lanka. The words and music were written by Ananda Samarakoon in 1940 in the Sinhala language, and was officially adopted as the national anthem on November 22, 1951 by a committee headed by Sir Edwin Wijeyeratne.

The first line of the anthem originally read: “Namo namo matha, apa Sri Lanka”. There was some controversy over these words in the 1950s, and in early 1962 they were changed to their present form.

The Tamil translation of the national anthem of Sri Lanka is written by famous Tamil poet Pandithar M.Nallathamby in 1950

National Anthem of Sri Lanka in Tamil

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