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Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing SLIM offers courses from certificate level to postgraduate Diploma in Marketing. A Postgraduate from SLIM will put you on the fast track to a successful career in marketing.

Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing SLIM

The Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) was founded in 1970 and since then thousands of students have mastered the art of marketing through various courses offered via SLIM. SLIM Course are constantly upgraded and revised to remain as contemporary and current. SLIM is a member of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka, the Federation of Marketing Research Institute (ESOMAR) and the Asia Marketing Federation (AMF) which is affiliated to the World Marketing Association (WMA).

SLIM Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing

Course Structure
The Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing offers prospective students and practitioners of marketing an opportunity to learn and apply sound theoretical concepts to their day-to-day business situations. It is a 24-month part-time programme which will give you marketing competencies from operational level to synthesis level. The course has four levels.

Professional Certificate in Marketing – Operational Level course
This consists of five course units along with an Integrated Assignment that essentially provide students understanding and appreciation at the operational level knowledge on Discovering Marketing Essentials, Exploring Consumer Behaviour, Economic and Legal Impact, and Developing Effective Communications.
These concepts are further elaborated through an Individual Integrated assignment which covers literature reviews, desk-research and other assignments.

Diploma in Marketing – Synthesis Level Course
The Diploma in Marketing will provide students a detailed understanding about the marketer’s tooi kit at managerial level, it consists of five course units along with Individual Integrated Assignment. Detailed insights into Synergizing Marketing Communications, Finance for Effective Marketing, Managing Sates & Distribution, and Driving Brands for Results will be taught together with the application of theory into practical circumstances through other assignments.

The Graduate Diploma in Marketing – Strategic level course
The Graduate Diploma in Marketing will encompass the strategic level concepts through the subjects of Advanced Management Competencies, Strategic Marketing for Sustainability, Managing Global Dynamics and Strategic Marketing Planning. Students are expected to develop a comprehensive strategic marketing plan for the Strategic Marketing Planning subject. Finally, they will undergo an Individual Integrated assignment covering literature reviews, desk-research and other assignments.

Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing – Synthesis Level Course
At this level, students are expected to apply subject knowledge and technical skills, obtained throughout the entire course of study and further consolidated through Research for Strategic Decision subject to analyze and research on the prevailing business and marketing environment. A bound dissertation (written document) is required to be submitted at the end of the programme, followed by a Viva defense session, where students will have to defend their Integrated Research Project before a panel of evaluators.

Outline of Marketing Courses

Professional Certificate in Marketing
Discovering Marketing Essentials (DME) – (Understanding and appreciation of basics of marketing)
Exploring Consumer Behaviour (ECB) – (Understanding and appreciation of behavioural aspects of consumer)
Economic and Legal Impact (ELI) – (Understanding and appreciation of economic and legal concepts for marketing)
Developing Effective Communications (DEC) – (Learning and managing communications to win in the dynamism in the world of marketing)
Individual Integrated Assignment (IIA) – (Understanding and demonstration of operational level of marketing concepts)

Diploma in Marketing
Driving Brands for Results (DBR) – (Implementing brand management thinking into practice)
Managing Sales & Distribution (MSD) – (Implementing distribution and sales management into practice)
Finance for Effective Marketing (FEM) – (Effective use of finances for marketing decision making)
Synergizing Marketing Communications (SMC) – {Implementing marketing communication thinking into practice)
Individual Integrated Assignment (IIA) – (Demonstration of effective use of managerial level of marketing concepts)

Strategic Level – Graduate Diploma In Marketing

Advanced Management Competencies (AMC) – (Embedding multiple competencies for marketing and organizational excellence)
Strategic Marketing for Sustainabtlity (SMS) – (Complementing with emerging trends in marketing for broader perspectives)
Managing Global Dynamics (MGO) – (Assimilate global dynamics for marketing advantage)
Strategic Marketing Planning (SMP) Assignment only – (Planning marketing process strategically)
Individual Integrated Assignment (HA) – [Demonstration of strategic level of marketing concepts)

Synthesis Level – Postgraduate Diploma In Marketing
Research for Strategic Decision (RSD) – (Effective research methods for strategic marketing decision making)
Integrated Research Project (JRP) – (Demonstration of overall marketing knowledge with a research background
for effective execution of marketing initiatives)

Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing SLIM
94, Ananda Rajakaruna Mw, Colombo 10.
Tel: Colombo 011 2675000.
Kandy 081 2203006.
Matara 0412227900



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