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These days National Rupavahini is telecasting serial drama ‘The Jewel in the Crown’ or Dong Yi as ‘Abitha Diyani’ from 6.30 to 7.30. It is a historical, romantic teledrama with a ‘detective’ theme. Watch New Teledrama Mayawarunge Lokaya මායාවරුන්ගේ ලෝකය from National Television.

Abitha Diyani is produced by Lee Byung-hoon who directed Sujatha Diyani (Jewel in the Palace). The Dong Yi Korean teledrama tele-drama has won multiple awards in Korea including MBC Drama Awards, 47th Baeksang Arts Awards and Korea Drama Festival in 2010.

About Abitha Diyani Show

Set during the reign of King Sukjong in the Joseon dynasty, the series is based on the historical character Consort Suk. The story focuses on Dong Yi (Abitha Diyani), a slave maid working in the Bureau of Music. Her warm personality, sincerity and exceptionally keen mind help her in solving difficult court intrigues and allow her to rise to become first a Lady of the Court and then as a concubine, despite being Lowborn.

While solving a case, she meets the King who introduces himself as a Court Judge. He enjoys her treatment of him as a real court judge and falls in love with her. She also gains the favor of Queen Inhyeon and meets Jang Heebin, another concubine who is first an ally but later a bitter enemy.

In her quest to survive in court and bring justice to the Lowborn she makes many allies such as Cha Chun Soo (who she considers an older brother though not blood-related), Seo Yong Gi (Police Chief), and Court Ladies Jung and Bong.

Dong Yi becomes a concubine with the rank of Sook-bin, bears a son who, under her tutelage, later becomes the 21st king of Joseon, Yeongjo, the father of Crown Prince Sado (whom Yeongjo killed by placing him in a wooden coffin-like rice box to starve as punishment) and grandfather of Yi San.

Abitha Diyani Main cast

Han Hyo-joo as Dong Yi (Choi Suk-bin) Abitha Diyani
Kim Yoo-jung as young Dong Yi
Ji Jin-hee as King Sukjong
Lee So-yeon as Jang Hui-bin/Jang Ok-jeong
Bae Su-bin as Cha Chun-soo

Sri Lankan Production of Abitha Diyani by National (Jathika) Rupavahini

Abitha Diyani teledrama is dubbed under the leadership of Athula Rasnsirilal, well-known disciple of late Titus Totawatte. In Sri Lanka more than 200 hundred professional dubbing artists including some of the well known artists like Karunarathne Amarasinghe, Parakrama Perera, Seelarathne Senarath, Nimal Jayasingbe, Ulapane Gunasekara, Rohana Siriwardhane, Kamal Gamage, Milinda Perera, Geethananda Abeysundara, Mrs. Nayana Jayatilleke, Kusum Pieiris, Geetha Kanthi Jayakody, Melany Asoka, Kumari Perera, Ferny Roshani and Piumi Wijewardhane joined to make give a Sri Lankan touch to the Korean tele serial.

Official Rupavahini corporation page on Abheetha Diyaniya

Official Rupavahini corporation page on Abheetha Diyaniya in their Family entertainment section.

Watch Past Episodes of Abitha Diyani from Helabimtv

Abitha Diyani teledrama, like Sujatha Diyani is going to be very popular, there is a copyright concern, and some episodes were deleted in Youtube. However Helabimtv is giving Abitha Diyani episodes after they are being telecasted at Rupavahini.
Abitha Diyani Sinhala Dubbed Teledrama Episodes Abitha Diyaniya theme song from Halabimtv.com
Helabim TV

Abitha Diyani Picture Gallery

This picture gallery contains images, photos on Abitha Diyani and main characters Dong Yi, young Dong Yi, King Sukjong, Jang Hui-bin/Jang Ok-jeong and Cha Chun-soo
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Abitha Diyani Review by Amazon.com

Another brilliant masterpiece from famed director Lee Byeong-hun (Jewel in the Palace, Heo Jun, Yi San: Wind in the Palace), Dong Yi (Abitha Diyani) is an inspirational tale of hope and triumph of the human spirit. Dong Yi follows the tumultuous life of Choi Dong Yi, the water maid who rises to the position of royal consort to King Suk-jong and becomes the mother of the future king, King Young-jo, the twenty-first king of the Joseon Dynasty. During the Joseon Dynasty, Dong Yi has a peaceful and happy childhood until her father and brother are framed for killing nobles and executed. Determined to clear her family’s name, she enters the palace as a servant to find a court lady who could be the key to finding out the truth. With her resilience, persistence and strong sense of justice, she soon gains the favor of King Suk-jong and finds an ally in Queen In-hyeon as she battles the wiles of the devious Jang Hee-bin who will stop at nothing to be queen.

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Abheetha Diayaniya Sinhala Theme Song video (අභීත දියණිය)

Abitha Diyani Links

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