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The Institute of Indigenous Medicine (IIM) of University of Colombo, offer courses in Ayurveda, Unani and Indigenous system of medicine (Sri Lankan traditional medicine) at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The college of Ayurveda was first started in the Island , subsequently upgraded and affiliated to the University of Colombo in the year 1977 as the Institute of Indigenous Medicine.

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Undergraduate Courses

IIM admits G.C.E. (A/L) in Biological Science stream who conform to the criteria recommended by the University Grants Commission for admission to the university.

They offer following undergraduate programmes .

• BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery ) – Duration 6 years(Including 5 year Academic studies and 01 year Internship )
• BUMS (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery ) – Duration 6 years(Including 5 year Academic studies and 01 year Internship )

They also offer short term Certificate Course of Ayurveda for Foreigners.

Postgraduate Programmes

The Postgraduate Section of the IIM conducts the following graduate programmes.

• Postgraduate Diploma in Ayurveda Medicine – Duration 1 year
• Postgraduate Diploma in Unani Medicine – Duration 1 year
• MD (unani) – Proposed
Academic Departments
• Moulika Siddantha (Basic Principles)
• Allied Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry and Forensic Medicine )
• Dravyaguna Vijnana (Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy, Ethnopharmacology, and Phytomedicine)
• Swasthavritta Agada (Ayurveda Community Medicine, and Toxicology)
• Shalya Shalakya (Ayurveda Surgery and AyurvedaENT)
• Prasuti Tantra Kaumarabhrithya (Ayurveda Paediatrics, AyurvedaObstetrics and AyurvedaGynaecology)
• Nidana Chikitsa (Ayurveda Clinical Medicine, Microbiology, Parasitology, Pathology and Psychological Medicine)
• Desheeya Chikitsa (Indigenous medicine)
• Unani Medicine
• Post graduate studies (M.Phil. Ayurveda M.D (Ayu) Ayurveda vachaspati and PG Diploma in Ayurveda)

Course Structure

The course is designed to produce Ayurvedic practitioners capable of effectively utilizing modern diagnostic methods to treat patients. Students will do their clinical studies at National Ayurveda Teaching Hospital at Borella.

The Ayurveda section comprises of 8 academic departments with over 50 academic staff and around 500 students. Academic staff members have postgraduate qualifications , some have obtained their Phds from India and China. They teach 23 different subject areas (in Ayurveda or Unani and other related sciences ) during the five academic years. Each academic year consists of thirty (30) weeks of teaching during three terms, with two mid term vacations.

The Institute of Indigenous Medicine (IIM) of University of Colombo has close relationships with Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute (of University of Kelaniya), Department of Ayurveda and Ministry of Indigenous Medicine.

It has foreign affiliations with Gujarat Ayurved University, India; Banaras Hindu University, India; National Institute of Ayurveda, India and China Pharmaceutical University, China.

Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

Ayurveda, an ancient healing system based on 5000 years of traditions in India and Sri Lanka has become one of the most discussed subjects in the field of medicine at present with Ayurvedic and other indigenous medicinal practices becoming increasingly popular among the masses and also at international level. it deals mainly the preventive rather than curative. Apart from intake of medicine , ayurveda prescribes special massages and herbal bath that are invigorating.

Unani is a system of medicine practiced in parts of India and Sri Lanka, thought to be derived via medieval Muslim physicians (in Arab).

Sri Lanka has a rich assortment of medicinal plants of which some are endemic to the country. The majority of the plants used are the same as those used in India. As a reference to the Mahavamsa and Chulavamsa many of the ancient kings have dedicated their services to the development of Ayurveda medicine in Sri Lanka. Examples of such practices are King Pandukabhaya (4th Century BC), King Sena (851-885 AD), King Buddhadasa (362-409 AD), King Datusena (460-478 AD) etc. As such ancient Ayurveda evidence show that Sri Lanka has inherited a glorious history of indigenous medicine in the country.

Jobs/ Employment Opportunities.

You can get an appointment in Government Ayurvedic Hospitals or you can start your own clinic such as Western Medical Doctors (self employment). The Ayurvedic doctors can also seek jobs in private Ayurvedic hospitals clinics, corporate organizations, spas, health resorts in Hotels etc.

For more details contact:
Institute of Indigenous Medicine-University of Colombo,
Telephone Nos:
General: 0094 112 692 385 | 0094 112 694 308
Director: 0094 112 861 399

Section Head – Ayurveda: 0094 112 687 215
Section Head – Unani: 0094 112 873 484
Library: 0094 112 674 854
PG Director: 0094 112 889 739



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