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We as students of leading Colombo Schools who are among the top 100 in 2011 A/L Examination initiated a Club called ANON Club.

We started a project called Profectus, to publish and distribute term test papers in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Combined Mathematics from leading Schools in Colombo to remote areas of the country. We are now collaborating with to bring you these Colombo School Examination papers online.

Our vision
Motivating students with aptitude to accomplish their academic targets by imparting resources which are highly concentrated to the capital

Objectives of Project Profectus in distributing School Term test papers

– Motivating students to perform well in school term tests which would undoubtedly guide them to perform well in the A/L exam
– Emphasizing the importance of doing papers rather than studying in the conventional mannerism
– Encouraging students to acquire wider knowledge by facing novel models of questions which have not yet been questioned for the Advanced Level
– Examination but have the potential of being questioned in the near future.
– Providing a media standard enough to evaluate their progress in study throughout the learning period.
– Introducing the modern question forming patterns which are being drifted away from the traditional memory based methods.

Anon Club Team

The Project is lead by the President himself and sub committees are divided among the office bearers.

President – P.S Ruwanpathirana
Secretary – Y.B Kanakarathne
Treasurer– C. Adhikarinayake
Organizer- A.Perera
Editor – T.G Wijethunga
Coordinator- H.A Gallawatte

1. Collecting the papers from the mainstream schools of Colombo and Gampaha districts.
2. Obtaining permission from the schools to print and distribute the papers among the students
3. Informing the schools of the Hambantota district about the project.
4. Printing the books.
5. Distributing the books.


All the expenses are borne by the donations of the office bearers.

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A/L Biology Colombo School Papers

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About the author Pramith Ruwanpathiran
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