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Several Sri Lankans, including school children develop great software. We bring you some of those software and links to download them for free.

S-soft HTML Editor v5.0 CE1.0

With S-soft HTML Editor you can create HTML files. It is a web designing application for windows.  It has additional options such as direct edit, work with layers. etc Indeed HTML usually supports to all web browsers. With this you will be able to create a site in a short time.

Platform : Windows (XP,Vista,7) 32bit
Developer : Mr. Shalitha Suranga, S-soft Corporation Sri Lanka
Project URL and Download Link:

The NDictionary English Learning Tool

The NDictionary is a tool that assists students and adults to learn English. Once the software is downloaded on to the PC, the user can simply copy or type English sentences directly into its search bar and receive the Sinhala translation. The software operates in: English, Sinhala and “Singlish’ ( phonetic Sinhala) . Its OCR tool provides the option of capturing and translating words/sentences from  webpages, e-books and even error messages which cannot usually copied. In addition, it has a ‘Real-time Subtitle Translating’ feature, which translates subtitles into any of its three working language as the movie is being played. The software also comes with additional features that support English language learning such as, automatic daily display of top 10 English words and sentences with their meaning, daily English learning tips, two English learning games and also an auto grammar correction tool with community support.

Developer :  Mr. Suresh Namal, Namalyaya
Project URL and Download Link:

Suduputha.Com Radio Player Radio Player pulls in a variety of radio stations from Sri Lanka, all with crystal-clear Net radio sound. This software’s simple layout and smooth results make this a great find for anyone interested in the sounds of Asian radio. It offers 29 Sri Lanka radio stations to all Sri Lankans who live around the world. It has Sri Lanka FM services and Sri Lanka online radio stations too. Radio Player is freeware.
Developer :
Project URL and Download Link from CNET:

S-soft Word pad v1.0

This is Simple Rich text format file creating software including images, links, shortcuts. S-soft word pad is very similar to MS wordpad application.

Platform : Windows (XP,Vista,7) 32bit
Developer : Mr. Shalitha Suranga, S-soft Corporation Sri Lanka
Project URL and Download Link:

ZSriLanka Sinhala Language Pack

“Singlish” is a brand of English spoken in Sri Lanka that incorporates some words from Sinhala, the native Sri Lankan language, as well as other Asian languages. If you need a quick way to transliterate Singlish text into Sinhala, ZSriLanka Sinhala Language Pack is up to the task. This easy-to-use program provides both real-time transliteration and a Sinhala character map feature.
This software will convert your Singlish text into wijesekara sinhala text. So unlike other conversion utilities, you can simply change the font styles as you want.

Platform : Windows (XP,Vista,7) 32bit
Developer : SLMERC7 Concepts, Sri Lanka
Project URL and Download Link:;4

S-soft Folder locker v1.0

If you have private files in your hard disk use this software. Then you can lock folders with one password so locked files cannot be opened by others who log into your machine.

Platform : Windows (XP,Vista,7) 32bit
Developer : Mr. Shalitha Suranga, S-soft Corporation Sri Lanka
Project URL and Download Link:

Pencil-පැන්සල Sinhala Typing software
“පැන්සල“ is a program that allows you to easily type Sinhala words in your computer in real time. You can now type Sinhala in anywhere easily with this .You can type Sinhala words as you read them in English that we call sms type. And also there is no need to Copy or Paste Sinhala words to your Document or application. It will convert your Singlish words to Sinhala at once when you press the “Space Key” .—350835363505353035233517.html

Singlish :An Easy way to type Sinhala
සිංහල පහසුවෙන් type කරන්න බාගන්න සිංග්ලිෂ් මෘදුකාංගය . With This Application you can type Sinhalese Unicode Characters in an easier way .you can also manage favorites

Akura Sinhala Typing Tutor
This powerful Sinhala typing tutor will help you improve your typing substantially whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional. Akura Typing Tutor has many courses that will satisfy your changing needs as your skills and speed improve. The complete touch typing course will teach you the touch typing technique starting with the basics and advancing step-by-step using examples, word drills and games to get you familiar with your keyboard.

Ganna Deshiya De
This application developed by group of university students, will help you to receive the latest news from their blog on the status of local products. It will automatically notify you when a new article is available for you to read.
It will also display the summary of articles, and you may read the full article if you find it interesting by simply clicking on read more.

[sws_blue_box box_size=”480″]Do you know any other good software developed by Sri Lankans? Please suggest those software in our comments section below. [/sws_blue_box]



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