Google Good to Know campaign: safety and privacy on internet

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Google’s Good to Know campaign aims to help people stay safe on the Internet and manage the information they share online.

Sunday Times reports that Google is partnering with Sri Lanka’s Information Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) and the Ministry of Child Development and Women’s Affairs to launch the campaign on 29th November at the Mount Lavinia Hotel.  A trilingual website is to be launched to commemorate the commencement of this campaign.

Around 150 representatives from student leaders, government officials, media, teachers, NGOs’ and other stakeholders have been invited for the event, according to a media statement issued by Rohan Jayaweera, Google Sri Lanka’s Country Consultant.

“One of Google’s top priorities is ensuring that users have a positive and meaningful experience when they use the Internet. Every day thousands of Sri Lankans, primarily students and users under the age of 18, go online for the first time, hence we all have a responsibility to make sure that Sri Lankan users know how to stay safe online,” he said.

The statement added that Sri Lanka’s youth often are more familiar with the Internet than their parents or teachers. “We hope that these tools/information/access to knowledge will be especially useful to Sri Lankan parents and teachers so they can make sure their children and students are staying safe online,” it said.

You can access to Google get to know information from their web site:

Stay safe online – Choosing strong passwords and avoiding malware and advice on keeping your family safe online.

Your data on the web – Learn how cookies work and how your IP address helps websites guess your location.

Your data on Google – Learn what’s stored in Google search logs, and how they use data to show you relevant results and even predict disease

Manage your data – Show you how to manage your cookies, browsing in private, and moving your data in and out of Google products



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