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Jathika Pasala ia an educational TV program conducted by National Rupavahini corporation for GCE Advanced Level students and O Level students.

Jathika Pasala website also contains lessons and model question papers for A/L examination compiled by teachers of the program. You can download them here or visiting official web site. 

A/L Sinhala Papers by Upul Shanta Sannassgala

jathika_pasala/papers/sinhala/Saddarma Rathnawaliya
jathika_pasala/papers/sinhala/Malagiya Eththo (Chamaka)
jathika_pasala/papers/sinhala/Gira Sandeshaya
jathika_pasala/papers/sinhala/34 paper
jathika_pasala/papers/sinhala/33 paper
jathika_pasala/papers/sinhala/32 paper
jathika_pasala/papers/sinhala/31 paper
jathika_pasala/papers/sinhala/30 paper

 Question Papers for Other subjects:

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    this is very usefull.

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